Random TSA Thoughts

Hello, dear readers. It has been over a month since I posted, life has been incredibly busy. But that’s a good thing! Anyway, I still have random thoughts even if I’m not dedicating regular blogging time, so here are a couple of them that have sprung up:

An increasing number of MAGAts are turning on Trump, and it is a DIRECT result of FOX news’ owner Rupert Murdoch turning on him and ending his long-standing policy of being state media for the dear leader. Things we can conclude from this: 1) Yes, Trump voters are brainwashed idiots, and they are easily manipulated. 2) If you believe based on exposure instead of thinking, you too can be an easily manipulated brainwashed idiot. 3) Churches are designed to make you belive by exposure instead of by facts. 4) The Jan 6th committee may be worth it, even if the Mango Mussolini doesn’t go to prison, if enough voters turn on him and keep him out of office. 5) My mood will be much better if he goes to prison, and even better if he can be found ineligible to ever hold office again. But that’s me dreaming again….

Flat-earth facebook pages are appearing increasingly in my news feed. I not only do not want this, it actually pisses me off. But I suppose that’s what I get for commenting that one time on a flat-earth debunking page. You would think MAGAts or Christians or conspiracy theorists would take a pause when they are informed that their arguments are exactly the same as flat-earth nutjobs, but no. They are not dissuaded. Also, arguing with a flat-earther is EXACTLY like arguing with a religious person. They use the exact same stupid arguments, and when cornered (which is actually very easy, because their position is fake and dumb), they tap dance in a way that puts Fred Astaire to shame.

Russia has been up and down on International Space Station support since they decided “unprovoked blowing the fuck out of human beings and making them dead” was a good policy to undertake. I’m very saddened by this. Since 1975, our international cooperation in space has given these two great countries a reason to come to the table with at least a little bit of understanding and a dream of cooperation. Ending this relationship severs one of the last remaining olive branches, surely making the world a more hostile place.

In related news, the US senate voted 95-1 to add Finland and Sweden to NATO, which is perfect because the policy of “unprovoked blowing the fuck out of human beings and making them dead” was supposedly to prevent the spread of NATO. So now, Putin’s stated policy is exposed as a lie. However, he still enjoys widespread support because there are no CNN’s or MSNBCs or NBCs or CBSs or PBSs or… what I’m trying to say is every news organization is the Russian equivalent of FOX or Infowars, because if you aren’t that, you go to jail. So Russia is unlikely to have a Rupert Murdoch-type turn on Putin.

Speaking of Infowars, the biggest laugh over news items I’ve had in a long time was Alex Jones’ face when he found out the opposing legal counsel had proof he fucking lied to them. The gut-busting hilarity continued when he was confronted, seated right next to the judge, of a meme he had on his website AT THAT MOMENT that showed that judge on fire and implied she was siding with pedophiles. Alex Jones is so god-damned stupid that only MAGAts and religious voters would believe him. Trump and everything associated with him have been proven time and time again to be liars. Only someone that has had years of grooming to become insensitive to their god and their preachers failure time and time and time and time and time and time again could possibly still have any sort of confidence that Alex Jones would tell them the truth. On air, in the court of public opinion, they make up stories and scenarios and statistics and false facts, and uncausily link events and people together to form an alternative reality. But in actual court, they fail over and over and over. Jones caught dead-to-rights lying his ass off. Tucker Carlson arguing before a judge that nobody in their right mind should believe him. Sean Hannity texting the exact opposite of what he says on air. And Trump losing the election over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over, and over. How many prayers must go unanswered before these people realize they are praying to smoke and mirrors?

Remember all the MAGAts that cheered Darth Tax Evader when he was busy saber-rattling with China? And he was doing so by taxing US citizens? Where are they now that another administration has done even more to assert US supremacy? *crickets* Seriously, though, I’m glad the US is finally standing up for Taiwan, but I’m super curious where all this goes.

Voters in MOTHER FUCKING KANSAS voted to keep abortion legal. If you want any proof that the current makeup of our legislative bodies and the SCOTUS are COMPLETELY out of step with the American public at-large, it is that RED ASS KANSAS voted to keep abortion legal. This does give me hope, that maybe the religous fuckwads trying to turn this country into a theocracy will face some resistance along the way. That doesn’t sound like a lot of hope. Truth is, after Jan 6th, I don’t have a lot of hope for this country. Will the next two years be our “Rome” moment?

Also, your god is fake.

The Spartan Atheist


3 thoughts on “Random TSA Thoughts

  1. You put into words what MANY of us are thinking. Good post!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Is there another Trump like Republican idiot that may become President of the US in the future because mentally deformed MAGA people do not suddenly become reasonable?


    1. Possible, I suppose. But Ron DeSantis may be a politician riding the stupid wave, but he is not actually a completely uninformed, unintelligent, highly narcissistic man child. This makes a lot of difference.


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