This blog is run by two of us.  We are a happy atheist couple with lots of usual couple stuff in our lives.  There’s kids, jobs, schedules, bills, etc.  However, because we simply haven’t picked which “god” team we wish to support,  we have to be very careful who knows that we haven’t picked a team.  It’s just ridiculous.

Our individual experiences will most certainly come out in our blogs, but I’ll go ahead and establish two caveats.  1) We remain anonymous or not within our level of comfort.  Atheist aren’t exactly welcome in all circles.  And 2) All are welcome to comment.  We both have real jobs so may not respond in super timely fashion, but I want to know if you want to hear about a particular topic.  I want to know if our words changed your life.  I want to know if you think we’re a useless waste of digits.  And I want to know if and why you disagree.

Thanks for visiting and don’t forget to follow us!

The Spartan Atheist

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