Jews for Hitler

I’m curious who the stupid people are that are tricked by this type of advertising. It seems that every politician has a group that supposedly should be against them saying they are for them. Politician X has a reputation for being all about big business and shredding the environment? Hippies for X! Politician Y is an environmentalist that hates businesses? Businessmen for Y!

Its stupid. And by stupid, I mean it is a logical fallacy that if some people from a particular demographic support a politician that… well, anything that follows. They support them, so you should? They support them, so the reputation is false? No! Fallacious arguments entirely! And not only are they fallacious, they don’t even actually tell you what the point of them trotting out these people actually is.

And that’s because even though this type of crap is stupid from a logical standpoint, it is COMPLETELY GENIUS from a political standpoint, where you play to people’s emotions instead of their brains. And the fact that you don’t tell people why you are trotting out the patsies is so that you don’t have to explain it! You just let them draw their own conclusions based on illogical, emotional “feelz”.

What makes it even more genius is that you probably aren’t actually going to change the minds of the token “group”, but you definitely re-affirm the beliefs of the already believing. For example, racist assholes have a pass for voting for Trump if a single black woman goes on YouTube and calls Trump a great guy! How can Trump be racist if there is a black woman voting for him? Huh? Checkmate!

But as we already know that isn’t even remotely logical, nor is it even usually true. As the title of this article suggests, Hitler himself is seen below in a picture with a little Jewish girl, and they are smiling at each other in an embrace suggesting they shared a happy moment. Indeed, this little girl actually befriended Hitler, and they maintained correspondence until shortly before the war, after he was already pushing his anti-Jewish policies. Hitler was her friend. That Hitler had “a Jewish friend”, however, does not erase the fact that he was a racist that wanted all Jews exterminated, and tried to do so to the tune of about 6 million dead at his hand. Yet this is the same bait-and-switch the politician uses in parading up these token groups.

Hitler with his little Jewish friend, Rosa Bernile Nienau

I use Hitler because, generally speaking, everyone understands that this guy was wrong. He was bad. He was about as close to evil as we have in the modern era. And if you agree that Hitler was NOT a “Jewish-friendly” kind of guy, then you can understand that having a little Jewish friend doesn’t change that fact.

Despite this one friend, Hitler was a bad person because he caused hardship and death to millions of people. His racist policies, fanatic bend to world (European?) domination, and absolute control of the government directly resulted in both WWII and the largest genocide in human history. Well, real human history. The bible has fake genocide that would make Hitler blush.

And that feels like a segue!

Yes, just because Hitler had a Jewish friend, Trump ate from a taco bowl, and there were black slave traders doesn’t mean they aren’t racist. Likewise, bible god doesn’t get to pretend he isn’t a racist, vindictive, genocidal, homicidal, petty, jealous, angry, vile character just because he said the Israeli’s were his chosen people, or he loves us to much he sent his son to save us. You can’t just SAY you love people and then treat them all horribly. You can’t SAY you love people, but punish people vicariously for the actions of their great-great-great….(195 more greats) grandparents.

Seriously! Tell me who your great-great-great-great-great grandparents were. You probably can’t. Most people barely know who their great-grandparents are. But imagine if I take every child descendant of a couple that lived in 1620 and broke their right hand and intentionally set it disfigured. It doesn’t matter what that couple did in 1620, this is obviously not a good thing. The child did nothing wrong. Yet this is EXACTLY what bible god does. Women have painful childbirth because humans have narrow hip bones, which the bible says is because our ancient descendants committed an infraction many thousands of years ago.

All women that suffered the pain of childbirth, all women that had issues giving birth from slow progression, all women that had hip issues from childbirth, all women that faced a breach-birth scare, and all women that died of childbirth complications are being intentionally punished for something some person in the distant past did. Basically, almost every woman ever alive suffered at the hands of bible god. But yet, women for Jesus!

Jesus was a racist pig. He specifically said he wasn’t here to help anyone but the Israelites get into heaven. He told the woman to go away because she wasn’t deserving due to her ancestry. He was clear that dick-tip chopping, kosher living, 618 commandment following people were the only ones deserving the happy afterlife. White Protestant bacon eaters for Jesus!

Jesus was also pretty clear that people that walk around telling everyone else what their religion is and pushing it into people’s faces are the worst kind of pretentious bullshitters, and it doesn’t mean a damned thing when St. Peter counts your sins. Proselytizers for Jesus!

Slavery is probably one of the few issues in which the bible is quite clear. It supports it entirely. The bible tells slaves that if they disobey, they are wicked. Slaves can be beaten. Slaves are owned for life and can be passed by inheritance. You can screw your slave women, they have to let you. You can take slaves during conquest. Driving an awl into the ear of a slave against a post is how you mark a slave as your property. You can do anything you want to your slaves as they are unequivocally, absolutely your property. Former slaves for Jesus!

Jesus said turn the other cheek. “Shoot first and ask questions later” rednecks for Jesus! (This one is for you, the entire state of Missouri.)

Maybe, though, there is some good news to all this. American Christians have consistently ranked people that ideologically want to kill them (Muslims) as a more suitable candidate for elected public office over atheists. If we want to turn this around, maybe we just need to re-brand ourselves and take advantage of their illogical, emotional thinking patterns.

Christians for The Spartan Atheist!

4 thoughts on “Jews for Hitler

  1. Great post. Now, I’m off to my meeting of “Jews For Matzo Balls”.


  2. Spot on! I DO like your style … 😎


  3. chris schilling August 3, 2020 — 10:18 pm

    Russians for Stalin?

    There’s a generation of Russian youth, it seems, unaware of the worst excesses of the Great Terror under Stalin, and a remarkably large percentage of older Russians nostalgic for the Soviet era in general. Who would have predicted that thirty years ago?

    It’s amazing how people can romanticize hellish periods of history, if they see it as part of their formative experience, and they personally lived through it; and how quickly mythologised even the immediate past can be.

    Liked by 1 person

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