Atheism on the go.

Just a quick article, really.

I’m taking a vacation for the next few days.  I think it well deserved, as I’ve been busting my butt and recently got a promotion.  Hence my rather slow participation here.

While on my vacation, I’ve decided to be fairly open about my atheism wherever it shows up.  Since I’m not anywhere near my local community, I feel completely at ease being open about it.  This is really the point of this article.  I have to go far away to be open about NOT believing in something.  How stupid is this?

On this forum, without the fear of being “found out” by the wrong person, I can pour my thoughts out as I see religious stupidity around me.  But here back home, where my thoughts on this singular subject cast doubt in the minds of many, I must be careful about what I say and mindful of the company around when I say it.

Mind you, I’m not saying I believe in something, I’m saying I’m not convinced in the thing they believe in.  Normally, this does not cause anger and bedevilment.  Hell, I talk to people all the time that don’t really know what I do.  That’s why I explain it to them.  Even if they say my job is stupid, I still explain it to them.  They usually get it.  But I can’t turn around and say I don’t understand their belief, because in many ways their trust in me affects my income.

I am literally afraid to be open about not being convinced by something.  Yes, religion oppresses me.  Now, I’m not trying to be melodramatic here, I’m not being physically harmed or jailed or anything.  But I need a home to live in and food to put on the table, and if I want these things, I have to hide my lack of belief.

But for the rest of this week, I intend to be open and proud.  I want people to know that not being sure is not only okay, it’s better than being made to pick a side without evidence.  They might even understand where I’m coming from, and decide that I have a good point.  The world needs more atheists.

The Spartan Atheist


23 thoughts on “Atheism on the go.

  1. Get an atheist shirt for the trip. Maybe get some respect

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  2. It will be interesting to hear what kinds of reactions you get. Obviously, where you go will make a lot of difference.

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    1. Music festival. I may be among like minded individuals.


  3. He wrote up and printed some Spartan Atheist business cards. Our campsite will be right where all the foot traffic is, and we will draw a lot of attention anyway because of our other ventures, lol.

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    1. You guys have got to do a post about this when you come back.

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  4. You make an important here… that coming out, even if that means merely expressing doubt, gets harder and harder the closer it gets to home… to one’s immediate circle of friends, family, and colleagues. Just imagine the terror of the doubters were apostasy is punishable by death.

    In my book, that alone is enough to declare religion that truly does POISON everything.

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    1. True. I’m glad I live in a secular country, that’s for sure.


    2. In places like Pakistan people have actually been murdered for expressing atheist views. It’s not even the government, it’s the mobs feeling they should enforce God’s law. You wouldn’t want to hand out Spartan Atheist business cards there unless you had the actual Spartan army backing you up. Even in the US — well, I’m glad I live in the least religious state in the country.

      I’ll assume SA isn’t going to a Christian music festival (do they still have those?).


      1. Lol I went to Christian music festivals growing up. Even when I was a Christian I thought they were lame.

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      2. Biggest ripoff covers and lame lyrics.

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  5. The ironic thing about it is that Christians teach that if you don’t get the “antichrist” “mark of the beast” 666 in your forehead or wrists in the “endtimes” the “government,” or whoever, is going to come after that person and kill them for not participating.

    No, the people that have been shedding blood have been the Christians themselves, along with other religious sects, for not participating in their beliefs.

    Think about it.

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    1. the government by the people christians. What if the government the christians are talking about is a christian theocracy

      Have a wonderful vacation


    2. I would love someone to get a fake 666 tattoo on their foreheads and hang around their Christian friends and family for a while.

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  6. It is despicable that non-believers must hide behind pseudonyms. That a person must worry about their rejection of “Godly” things just to keep friends, job, marital partners, etc. is wrong … wrong … wrong! Yet hundreds of people are put into this position everyday. The Christians worry about Muslims invading their territory, yet in many cases, their actions are not all that different.

    I hope you two have a WONDERFUL time! Live, love, laugh and BE YOURSELVES without worry of censure!

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  7. Enjoy your holiday! You deserve it. You seem to put a lot of work into this blog too. I’m about to go on a holiday myself for a couple of weeks. Do you happen to work for some hard-line Christians?


    1. I work for myself in a moderately Christian area. But I need clients. Lol!

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  8. Thank you to all that followed along, I have returned and in good spirits. My non-religious preference only came up a couple of times, and was totally a non-issue. I was away from religious stupidity, media stupidity, presidential stupidity, and actually away from general stupidity for the most part. We had a blast.


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