Here is the problem with the retarded theology of the Abrahamic, monotheistic god. Omnipresence is stupid. But let’s back up and go through it.

When people invented gods, they basically took things they thought were good in humans, and just made their gods do it better. When multiple cultures came in contact with each other, a game of one-upmanship occurred as one group wanted their god to beat out the other gods. So instead of just really great, they re-invented their god as the best, or the bestest! Or the bestest ever! Or the bestest ever to infinity! Since your god knows an awful lot, then our god knows everything! Your god has cool magic powers? Our god can do anything! Your god has to check up on you, but you can trick him when he isn’t around? Our god is everywhere simultaneously! Your god has mood swings? Our god is always perfectly loving! (Ignore the bit where bible god literally says he is a jealous god then kills everyone….)

In the end, god becomes omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent, and omnibenevolent. But here’s the funny thing. The followers of this deity always imagine their god using his ability to be everywhere all the time with unlimited power and knowledge in cute and loving ways. Guiding a surgeon’s hand. Comforting someone. Helping someone get the job. Blessing a wedding. Answering their prayers.

But if their god really is everywhere all the time, then god has a lot more experience than they would like to think about. If god is everywhere and knows everything, then he most definitely knows what it is like to snort coke off a hooker’s ass. Their god must know, if what they say about him is true, what it is like to suck dick at the bottom of a gay orgy. Their god must know the challenges and benefits of a polyamorous relationship. Their god must know what it is like to be on an ecstacy trip. And he is definitely watching you every time you jerk off.

Fun, but it is much worse. If god is everywhere, then he definitely is in the room when a Catholic Priest rapes a young boy. God is there when a child gets cancer, and later when the child painfully succumbs to the disease. God is there when a child fades from starvation. God watched each and every Jew and each and every Nazi in all of the concentration camps, and witnessed every lash, every bullet, every gas chamber, every mass grave, every cremation oven. God stands by as children are beaten, sexually assaulted, trafficked, and killed. God is guiding a guy’s dick into a woman in a hotel room, when both of them are married to other people and their spouses will be devastatingly hurt.

Religious people don’t like to think about that stuff. It’s uncomfortable. But that is what it means to be all those omni’s. We don’t say someone can speak every language if they can only speak English and American. We don’t say someone can drive anything if they can only drive an automatic transmission compact car. And we don’t call anyone omnipresent that doesn’t see 4 year old girls being raped by their father.

“But Spartan Atheist! Free will!”

Go fuck yourself. Go fuck yourself in the ass until you bleed out on the street. Yeah. That’s what I think about people that make excuses for child rapists. If your god is such an idiot that he can’t figure out a way to create the world where children don’t get raped, then he isn’t very smart. If your god is such a wimp that he can’t stop a child from getting raped, then he’s weak. And if he has the power to stop it but doesn’t, then he his an evil, evil, evil monster. And you are defending that fucking evil monster. So go fuck yourself. Allowing children to get raped is ALWAYS worse than inconveniencing someone’s free will. Do you know how I know? Because it’s a CHILD BEING RAPED.

Yes, the problem of evil doesn’t go away if you ignore it. If your god really is all knowing, present, and powerful, then your god is a fucking despicable piece of shit. It simply must be.

Luckily, the truth is your god is just as dumb, clueless, and weak as you are. Which makes sense, since he is but a figment of your imagination.

The Spartan Atheist

27 thoughts on “Omnipresent?

  1. I probably wouldn’t have written the same thoughts in such “colorful” language, but I definitely agree with what you said! 👍

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    1. Your writing is definitely more gentle! Thanks, Nan.

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  2. So God created the world and knew of every evil thing that would happen in advance, but he was just like 👍, I’m going to let it happen, like there wasn’t any other way. He also apparently forgot about his second coming, and let billions of people go to Hell. But nah, free will bruh. God gets a free pass because he’s God. If anyone else did the same thing there would be cries for life improvement/death penalty/anything else horrible under the sun to happen to them.

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  3. So, in yourt plan, an omnipotent God would kill that child rapist? But, better yet, as soon as he knew the plans of the rapist, then he would kill him. Jesus said once that, whoever harms one of these little ones, it would be better if a millstone was tied around his neck and thrown into the sea than to face the judgment of God.
    So, now we have to see what kind of things might harm one of these little ones.
    Giving them drugs. Kill the guy.
    Stealing a bike. Kill the guy.
    Teaching them to turn away from God. Well, God might consider that harmful, considering what the world is like being run by those who turned away from Him to do things there own way.
    Free Will.
    We thought we could do better.
    God let us do it.
    Judgment is coming.

    But, He always lets the repentant one who trusts in Him come back to Him, back to the Life.


    1. No, Randy. Everything you just said is fucking stupid. You are a god damned child-rapist supporter and a fucking immoral piece of shit. But I know you are an immoral piece of shit because you have been taught to be so. So let me explain, and maybe this will sink in.

      If I were a god, the situation where a grown adult could irrevocably harm a child by violating their body in a sexual manner wouldn’t come up. It just wouldn’t come up.

      Right now, absolutely NOBODY is degraded by their most trusted partner because there is an animal that leaches on to your face (like in the movie Alien) that makes you take your partner outside naked and tell everyone in the community their most embarrassing secrets. That animal does not exist. In another world, maybe that animal could exist. But in this world, that does not exist. Nobody ever in the history of the world had a facehugger alien cause them to degrade their spouse. So all a good god has to do is not create facehugger aliens. Boom! Done. Nobody needs to have their “free will” encroached upon, because the threat does not exist.

      In this world, the actual world where we live, we don’t have facehugger aliens. But we do sexually reproduce. One of the many, many, many, many things about the world that your supposed god could have done to prevent sexual assault of children is to eliminate sex. Boom! Done. Nobody’s “free will” needs to be encroached upon.

      Nothing invades your ability to have free will if that thing doesn’t exist. My free will is not somehow impeded just because I can’t mind-choke people like Darth Vader. The fact that I sometimes wish I could mind-choke people still doesn’t change the fact that since that is a thing that is impossible, it doesn’t inhibit my free will. I live in this world, with this set of physics.

      I REALLY wish I could fly. I don’t mean in an airplane, I mean like Superman. Holy shit, I literally have dreamed about flying! And yet, that is not a thing in this world. And the fact that I can’t fly doesn’t impede on my free will.

      Are there other ways your stupid god could have prevented child rape? Of course! In fact, I challenge you to try and think of other ways that this world could be different, not interfere with anyone’s free will, and still not have adults raping children. Tell you what, I just literally thought of two more in my head just now in a matter of seconds. But I want you to try. Tell me two ways in which this world could simply be different AND it wouldn’t impede free will AND no children would be raped. Two of them, or you aren’t as smart as you think you are. GO!

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      1. 1. Destroy the world because evil is everywhere.
        2. Give the evil people a chance to be redeemed.


      2. So you have absolutely zero ability to think for yourself, and support child rape. Stupid and immoral.

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      3. No, I support good instead of evil.
        For someone who thinks God is nonexistent, you spend a lot of time being angry at Him and His people.

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      4. Randy, you literally just defended child rape. Fucking small children is not good. You, sir, can kindly go fornicate your own orfices with your own genitalia.

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      5. May the Peace and Love of God rest upon you this Christmas.


      6. Don’t threaten me with your child raping god, Randy. Fucking children in the ass until they bleed and cry in pain is not peace. It is not love. It is fucking evil, and it is what your god endorses.

        Hell, the stolen story of Jesus starts with your god raping a 12 year old girl. Fuck your god.

        I’m thankful your god is fake. If he was real, he would have millions of years of prison time coming.

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      7. I just wish you peace.


      8. Lol! The fuck you do! And you can tell me I don’t know what is in your head, but the fact is you are on my blog defending child rapists and your god that allows child rape.

        Peace is not your primary goal. Defending your horrific religion is primary. And since you have absolutely no defense that isn’t stupid, and I’ve shown that, you are deflecting to the “peace” thing.

        Come back when you realize fucking 8 year old children is bad.

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      9. You make these ridiculous hate filled accusations that have absolutely no basis and use them to say I think child rape is okay. You don’t believe there even is a God, child rapists exist, where do you say they come from?
        Did I make them?
        I think child rapists should have portions of their anatomy removed, then.permanently be locked away from society. I am not opposed to the death penalty in some cases.
        So, where do the child rapists come from?


      10. Randy, I have already given you a half dozen opportunities to denounce your god’s practice of allowing children to be raped. You have refused.

        That means my accusations are spot on. That means my accusations are based squarely on your actions.

        You may care a little bit about children getting raped, but you don’t care enough to hold your god accountable for allowing it. You care less about children being raped than you do questioning the power or existence of your god. For you, those questions must never be entertained, even if it means saving children from being raped. That is disgusting.

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      11. In your world, where does evil come from?
        I know you believe in evil.
        Where does it come from?


      12. Randy, that does not matter at all what I believe right now. What YOU believe is that kissing your gods ass is more important than stopping children from being raped.

        Until you can admit your god is either a monster or fake, you will never accept reality.

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      13. So, you are wrong about me and afraid to answer my question?


      14. I really don’t have to answer to anyone that defends child rape.

        Tell me your god could do better, and maybe we can talk.

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      15. I get it.
        A house divided against itself….


  4. @Randy
    The word “evil” tends to carry unwanted theological connotations for the non-theist. I’m forced to accept that “evil” — if we must call it that — clearly exists, or human beings have the capacity for it, some of them at least, but to ask: “Where does it come from?” is begging the question. It comes from us, ultimately. To suggest otherwise is to load the dice in favour of a Judeo-Christian theodicy which no longer carries the weight and authority it once held for so many.

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  5. If G-d could be invented, he would be a human or co-creature. Why would anyone worship an equal? And from my humble perspective, that’s the problem of atheistic humanism; why do we continue to worship our co-equals?


    1. Prayer, you were SO close to the right conclusion. God IS invented because he IS essentially a human. Bible god is just human but with the best features really good. That is an invented creature.

      Atheists don’t worship anyone, or anything. Not out of some “would-be-nice” scenario, but because there just simply is no deity to worship. There are good ideas and bad ideas, which are found to be good or bad ideas based on the results. And people that regularly have good ideas, especially brilliant ideas that advance our understanding, are frequently recognized for their contributions. But they are not worshipped. Newton, for example, famously worked out the theory of gravity. That was brilliant and we recognize his brilliance in this regard. But he also believed in alchemy, and because we do not worship him, it’s perfectly fine to also recognize he was totally wrong on that one.

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