Pro Life

If you are pro life……

Why are you against vaccinations? Vaccinations allow our population as a whole to resist diseases and keep people alive. Before vaccinations, our country was ravaged by polio, measles, rubella, dysentery, smallpox the flu, and other infectious diseases. It is no wonder that life expectancy has doubled in the past couple hundred years, because 200 years ago basically half of everyone died young of a disease. Without vaccinations, we would be subject to the equivalent of a Covid-19 pandemic or worse every few years. 500,000 American citizens have died in the last year from Covid-19 alone. Do you remember a year ago when you said that Covid only killed 10 people but a half-million children are aborted? Well, now Covid-19 has killed that many. You should probably pull your head out of your ass and give a fuck.

Why are you against wearing a mask? I mean, logically it’s the same idea as vaccinations, only we didn’t yet have a Covid-19 vaccine. You are soooooooo interested in people living but you could care less if you pass along an infectious disease? No, the real reason you don’t like masks is you are insecure and think a mask doesn’t look cool. You are willing to let a half a million people die so you can look cool. Maybe women that want an abortion should say they don’t think they will look cool pregnant. That would probably resonate with you.

Why are you trying so damned hard not to let people have healthcare? “Socialism”? Give me a fucking break. The bible belt in the US is the welfare belt. Those states year after year pay less into the federal government than they get in welfare and aid. You’re fine with public schools. You’re fine with public roads. You’re fine with WIC for your white-trash daughters that got pregnant when they were 16. You’re fine with a bloated military. But if someone suggests we un-fuck an absolute idiot orgy of stupidity that is our current healthcare system, and suggest streamlining it under the control of the people we elect to represent us, then it’s socialism? First, you don’t know what socialism is. Second, you are willing to sell your soul to the devil to get a pro-life judge on the court. Why don’t you sell just a small bit of your stupidity away and try this healthcare thing out. 20-40,000 people die every year in the US because they have inadequate health care.

If you are so god-damned pro-life, then why the fuck are you against sending condoms to AIDS ridden Africa? Are you so stupid that you think people don’t like sex? News flash, dumbass: People like sex! You pretend you can just ignore sex and somehow people won’t want to do it anymore. This moronic logic is why the bible belt is also the teen pregnancy belt. People in Africa also like sex. And if you teach them that wearing a rubber can keep them from getting a deadly disease, and you provide them, then less people will get AIDS. You know, half to one million dead people every year.

For that matter, why are you so damned against using condoms here in the US? You want to lower abortions? You should be distributing condoms for free! They stop the thing that necessitates an abortion in the first place!

If you supposedly care about the lives of people, don’t you think it would make sense to support policies that would keep the environment from starving and killing us? Yet you religious wing-nuts keep voting against clean air, clean water, clean energy, and reducing carbon emissions. It’s fine if the government want to regulate vaginas, apparently, but regulating pollution!? Communism! No, you’d rather have the worst life expectancy of all industrialized nations than establish a system to work for the betterment of us all. Killing people with water is okay with you, just don’t you dare take a pill and flush that pinhead-sized lump of stem cells out of your body!

Here’s a riddle for you “pro-life” types. If a medical procedure kills one, but not having the procedure will kill two, then why are you in favor of not having the procedure and killing two? I’m talking about tube implants, which happen in about 1 in every 50 pregnancies. Out of 6.3 million pregnancies in the US every year, that would amount to about 127,000 tube pregnancies. You really want 254,000 deaths instead of 127,000? That’s your deal? How the hell do you get off saying you are “pro-life”?

If you support the death penalty, but also claim to be pro-life, then you are a hypocrite. Well, if you are a Christian you are already a hypocrite, but you are just reinforcing your hypocrisy. You say you affirm the “sanctity of life” in your weekly propaganda download (church), but then say guilty people must die? Sanctity means sacred. You are saying life is sacred, and only god can judge, but then you judge and kill. Which is it? Is life sacred or is life conditional? Why don’t you make up your fucking minds BEFORE you shove mediocre justices on the Supreme Court?

Doesn’t war kill people? Yet here you are, cheering on the Israeli-Palestinian war. The war on terror. The “war” on drugs (that does kill people). Are Iraqi lives conditional? If so, do you think it is okay for Iraqi’s to get abortions?

And speaking of drugs, why do you keep voting in favor of policies that cut the help addicts need, and instead force them into a downward spiral and death? These addicts have families that also face domestic abuse, starvation, humiliation, captivity, and death. You are gonna seriously pretend you are pro-life while you ignore nearly 70,000 drug overdoses every year?

If you want to be pro-life, whatever. But if you support wars, harsh drug penalties, and the death penalty while ignoring the health of mothers and the environment, AND actively work to prevent access to sexual education, healthcare, immunizations, and you won’t wear a damned mask during a global pandemic…… you are NOT pro-life. You are just an asshole.

The Spartan Atheist

22 thoughts on “Pro Life

  1. “Why are you against vaccinations?”

    Because Bill Gates is using the vaccinations to implant microchips in people so the Satanic lizard people from outer space can track them and zap them with Jewish space lasers if they try to interfere with Hillary’s pedophile pizza parlors. Don’t you follow the news?

    The term “pro-life” is misdirection. The anti-abortion movement has always been about controlling and punishing female sexuality. Claiming to care about fetuses is just a pretext.

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    1. Oh, I forgot. As I was looking at my smartphone this morning, I learned that the government may want to be able to spy on us. So I immediately checked in on FB so my friends could come find me so I could tell them about this vaccination tracking the government is plotting.

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    2. Claiming to “care about you” is normally just a pretext for justifying terrible beliefs or behavior in general.

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      1. True. You can be a complete asshole and then just tell everyone you are a Christian. Problem solved.

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  2. $Amen$ to this post!!! Well said!

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  3. Fantastic post, this should be in a prominent publication in the US.

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  4. pro-life = people desperate for control and external validation.

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    1. Probably some truth their. They are “saving” their religious beliefs, or something.


  5. vaccine utilizes aborted fetal tissue, according to some research.

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    1. Suggestion: Expand your information sources.

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      1. All you need to do is research. We found the information within minutes. As such, we see everyone can do their own research, if they truly wish to understand.


      2. Dolphin, I believe you don’t actually understand what research is. Googling youtube videos that confirm your beliefs is not research. The fact that you “found the information in minutes” means you didn’t do real research.

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      3. Did you read the comment above? I encourage people to do their own research, as I will continue to do mine. But starting, as I did, which will be followed up in the future, is the heart of a responsible and concerned populace, that we check and balance efforts that are new and still in question. The comment you made makes no sense because, unless you are a medical expert, which I don’t think would be blogging in this format, means we’re in the same boat: two people with little information, but still seeking. And that everyone should do. Always encourage people to think for themselves, research for themselves, and ask the questions. Anyone encouraging otherwise has ulterior and dishonest motives.


      4. Dolphin, did you just Google “American phrases” and try to throw them at me? Dude, I am a native English speaker. You are using them wrong.

        Also, actual research and googling people that make shit up is not the same thing.

        I’ll give you one more try. I’m interested where this goes.


  6. There is a difference between allowing a human to live and forcing them to stay alive.


    1. True. I didn’t open the can of worms on medically assisted suicide for terminal patients.


  7. Wow, you are angry. All I see here is major assumptions, unnecessary language and insults. Not much substance. This is what I typically find with rare exceptions. The belief that the louder the argument is the more right you are? Logic, science and reason would all be helpful in a discussion. If all that is done here is inane bullying not much reason to come back.


    1. It is my blog, not a doctoral dissertation. Did I strike a nerve?


  8. No can’t say you did. As I said your method of ranting is typical, it is your blog and you can write/behave however you choose. I just prefer rational dialogue. But good luck to you.


    1. I like ranting. I can cover more ground that way. But I’m also willing to dive in if you have a specific issue. Pick one and we’ll go for it.

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  9. To each his own… Each person has the freedom to believe and share. Others have the freedom to engage or walk away.


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