John Branyan can’t even count.

Hey, all.  I don’t usually post self-gratifying posts (zero until this one), nor do I try to pick on any one person in my main articles.  But this is just utterly ridiculous.  I’ll post the conversation:

  1. So, if I understand you correctly, your god is basically just an explanation for anything you can’t explain.

    You’re therefore explaining something with another thing that has no explanation. We understand egg with reference to chicken, but you’re saying egg with reference to “mystery”. All you did was push the mystery one step back by including the chicken. But you didn’t actually explain anything.

    I’d also like to note that this definition of “god” is so watered down, so un-precise, it could potentially be anything. Using your definition, god could be the god of Christianity, or any of the Hindu gods, the Norse gods, Greek gods, aliens, an all-powerful evil wizard, or nature doing nothing supernatural whatsoever.

    Hell, I’ll show you Evolution, and it matches your definition of “god”. If you care to, I’d be happy to confirm your definition of god by doing just that.

    • John Branyan says:

      “All you did was push the mystery one step back by including the chicken. But you didn’t actually explain anything.”
      Wrong. I explained it with “God”.
      How do you explain it without God?

      • Yes, you explained it with “god”, but you haven’t defined your god other than the thing that explains other stuff. Explaining something with an unknown is not explaining something, it’s deferring.

        You call yourself a Christian, I see, and yet you are avoiding defining “god” by any of the biblical attributes. You have deferred to an unknown, which as I already noted, is such a watered down definition that the Theory of Evolution fits your definition. And again, if the Theory of Evolution is your god, I’ll gladly concede.

        • John Branyan says:

          I did define God.
          You didn’t answer my question. How do you explain chickens and eggs without God? (Please remember the Theory of Evolution doesn’t address the origins of life.)

  2. Short answer, John? I don’t know.

    Longer answer, evolution explains how chickens as a species came into being from earlier reptiles. But if you’re asking about abiogenesis, there are some very interesting results that scientists have done in the lab.

    So between your god, any other gods, aliens, some other means, and abiogenesis, only one has any evidence. Is it the correct answer? I’m not sure. But it does account for your chicken.

  3. Oh, that’s easy. Because you’re claiming you are correct without any evidence at all. I’m claiming cautious interest but uncertainty with some evidence.

    I’m being uncertain. You’re being unjustifiably certain.

    • John Branyan says:

      Actually, I haven’t claimed anything with certainty.

      You, on the other hand, have stated with certainty that evolution explains chickens. There is no evidence that chickens evolved from reptiles.

  4. John, you liar. I claimed that evolution provides an account for chickens. You asked me to provide an account for chickens without god, and I did so.

    So god, and evolution. One is wrong for sure, both could be wrong. How do we find out? Evidence.

    And I just spent the last hour reading most of your “evidences” that contain no evidence whatsoever.

    I’d say good try, but actually it was a pretty poor attempt. Then again, you said you would provide evidence for something for which there is no evidence. So…… you have that going against you.

    • John Branyan says:

      “So god, and evolution. One is wrong for sure…”

      That is called a statement of certainty.
      I’m not the liar.

    • John Branyan says:

      I’m saying they can’t exist without an explanation.
      Neither chickens nor eggs are self-explanatory.

    • John Branyan says:

      Yes, Spartan, I’m following you. I explained that evolution doesn’t account for the origins of life. Are you following me?

  5. Completely. But we weren’t talking about the origins of life, we were talking about chickens.

    So, given two possible explanations for chickens, poofed or evolved, we indeed have two options, of which if one is correct, the other can not be correct. Still following?

    • John Branyan says:

      Restating your faulty “two options” doesn’t magically make it valid.
      Evolution is NOT an explanation for life OR chickens. Still following?

  6. John, I don’t care if you believe it or not, or if evolution is even true or not at this point. I have presented two possible explanations for chickens. One is god. The second is evolution. Can you agree I literally typed two things?

    • John Branyan says:

      Spartan, you have presented one possible explanation and one ridiculous statement. Evolution isn’t an explanation. Sorry if you don’t believe it.

    • John Branyan says:

      No. There is one proposition.
      The fact that you can’t come up with another is strong evidence for God.



Yes, John just said that.  I couldn’t have made this any easier.  And we all know he’s just “lyin’ for Jesus”, because if I proposed two propositions for any other thing he would have been fine saying there were two.  Car damaged from deer strike or Thor’s hammer?  Two propositions.  Food eaten by the kids or aliens?  Two propositions.  Someone got the job because well qualified or screwed the boss?  Two propositions.  I don’t care how ridiculous or unbelievable any of the propositions are, it’s a simple matter of adding one plus one.

John isn’t a complete moron, because he may have sensed that the next question I would have asked is “how can we determine which proposition is true?”  Naturally, his religiously suppressed brain did not allow him to even allow for the consideration of any proposition he didn’t like, so he literally had to say that 1 + 1 = 1!

This is what religion does to your brain.  Stay off religion, kids.  It makes you stupid.

The Spartan Atheist

43 thoughts on “John Branyan can’t even count.

  1. One thing a person has to say about JB … he’s a master at twisting words to deflect from answering a direct question.

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  2. Alas, the baffling refusal to answer the most basic of questions and the apparent inability to admit that 2+2=4 is typical among “the faithful”…. and continues to stifle material and moral progress everywhere. I just hope that what makes them blind, deaf, and stupid does not also make them evil. Peace.

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  3. Well the chicken/egg thing. We’re pretty certain birds are the ancestors of the dinosaurs. So the key question is, how did dinos end up male and female. 🙂

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  4. I gave up conversing with him a long time ago because of his dishonesty and arrogance. Hugs

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  5. When Branyan goes on these rants, just ask him was the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event 66 million years ago (a bolide impact which ignited the biosphere and dramatically altered the environment, enabling the human evolutionary line) Yhwh’s work? Was the Great Oxygen Catastrophe 2.5 billion years ago which killed off virtually all life on earth, but created an oxygen-rich atmosphere which enabled multicellular life to take root Yhwh’s work? Were the Hox and ParaHox gene clusters Yhwh’s work?

    His game comes crashing down when you ask him to make Yhwh accountable for the bad, morally repugnant things. And the alternative thesis—that God is maximally good but thoroughly incompetent and has lost total control of his creation—is a proposition no theist will embrace.

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    1. lol I’m not sure if Branyan believes that the history of our universe goes beyond 6500 years ago.

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    2. Dude, he can’t count to two, let alone 66 million!

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  6. He loses me between sentences. There seems to be no earthly point to discuss anything with him unless your BP is too low, or you need practice typing. Beyond that, it’s a waste of time. He might as well have said that because we can’t explain Santa that means he exists too. We just don’t Santa hard enough.

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    1. He actually has a Santa rant. I assume it was because I compared the two. It was an illogical mash of useless words.

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  7. I don’t understand much of his line of reasoning, and I read his post he linked too in your other post! Well, I guess it’s deflect, deflect deflect for the true zealous believer! Then again, how on Earth have they decided God is 3 separate beings that are NOT each other, but also one entity simultaneously??? I propose some leap in divine quantum physics 😉

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  8. I don’t understand his line of reasoning at all, and I read his post too! I guess it’s deflect, deflect, deflect for the true zealous believer! Then again, how on Earth did they decide God was 3 separate beings that were NOT each other, and also one entity simultaneously???

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  9. Sorry if my comment went in twice… I guess the system flags comments with 2 links! The link is to the diagram of the trinity…


  10. Man, this dude’s HILARIOUS! The wit! The brilliance of his comedic timing when not even attempting to be outright humorous is magnificent to behold. He outta go into standup comedy. He’s got quite the gift.

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  11. Branyan comes across as a sociopath and is quite possibly borderline psychopath.
    He must get a hard-on every time he sees his name up in lights and tends to crow about how he gets mentioned and thus he reckons he must be doing something right to rile up those who are members of the atheist religion, dontcha know?

    In truth, the best thing to do is ignore him.
    It isn’t as is he has written anything even vaguely worthwhile to even bother engaging him on,not is it?
    To paraphrase one of their little sayings ….
    Some pigs aren’t even worth the effort of throwing offal

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    1. typos …. hate them!

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    2. I figured I’d throw a dose of reality on his blog. I don’t care about him, but someone reading might be influenced to think…

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      1. On his blog? Don’t count on it.
        His groupies have to take their socks off if they need to count past ten.

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  12. I just don’t understand what Branyan is saying here
    What he did with “god” is very similar to a mathematics question that goes along the lines of let x be the sum of this equation
    His definition of god is along the lines of
    the variable we give to the answer an unanswered question.

    1) Let god be the mechanism of the changes in seasons. Find god
    When scientist then answer this question. He moves to another question

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    1. Exactly, which is why the best way to expose his nonsense is to point out the terrible things and ask whether that, too, is Yhwh’s work.

      His line of thought is as juvenile as William Paley’s, who wrote of nature: “A bee amongst the flowers in spring is one of the most cheerful objects that can be looked upon. Its life appears to be all enjoyment; so busy, and so pleased.” Reality: Under the microscope, the bee’s outer body is found to be infested with the ferocious varroa mite, their airways riddled with impatiently greedy acarine (tracheal) mites, their intestines ravaged by the veracious nosema apis, and their hives, where some degree of safety should at least be expected, is instead crowded with gluttonous bacillus larvae and the hideous Brood Disease.

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  13. Arun Ramakrishnan July 9, 2019 — 12:31 am

    Its very simple to show the existence of GOD. in this world we would have experienced of any product or design is the creation of intelligent living force or designer. No cars or sky scraper building came by chance. Can you say that cars and buildings came by chance?.

    Evolution theory is simply an unscientific fictious story manufactured by a frustrated person to deny the existence of GOD and recently it has been proved by the same science as a invalic theory in the scientific community, which even fails to explain the macro evolution. Fish turned into reptiles!, whales turned into cows! This is stupid.

    If your say GOD is a mythology then Explaination of such a mythological GOD according to you gives an better explanation for describing how different life came into existence, it also describes the origins of life. Whereas your evolution story cannot even logically convince a 10-year old child how different species with opposite sex came into existence. For this your answer will be time would have done it. This is not scientific. Sfcience means things must be observable and testable further great scientists like newton and instein accepted the existence of GOD. .


    1. Arun, we have already established that you are scientifically illiterate. You don’t have to keep proving it to us.

      Nobody says things came about by chance. Evolution is the opposite of chance. Evolution is a well known process that we use to produce different breeds of animals or strains of crop seeds. It isn’t chance, it is selective.

      All of your questions are quite simply answered with evolution, and this very simple concept: offspring are not completely the same as their parents. Over multiple generations, the differences can become more pronounced.

      That’s it. That is all you need to understand basic evolution. There is much more, of course, but any 10 year old can grasp that. Just because YOU can’t grasp that doesn’t mean its wrong, it means you’re ignorant.

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  14. Arun Ramakrishnan July 11, 2019 — 1:57 am

    so you admit that there is a designer for everything.


    1. Was the Great Oxygen Catastrophe 2 billion years ago ‘designed’?


  15. Arun Ramakrishnan July 11, 2019 — 5:27 am

    that is for the fox and stanley millers experiment who tried to mimic atmosphere in their defective test tubes.


    1. Arun, dear, please stop. You’re trolling and that is so not nice.

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  16. Arun Ramakrishnan July 11, 2019 — 10:39 am

    Dear sister I am just presenting modern scientific facts the problem with you people is you are not bold enough to accept the scientific facts. . it is quite surprising that you people feel uncomfortable with me inspite of my presentation of scientific facts and truth with reference to authentic sources you deliberately avoid such scientific facts. had you people thought of others position when you opened this blog and started criticizing Jeasus Christ, GOD and his followers?. If you believe GOD does not exist there is no such need of opening a blog like this and blaspheming religions without understanding its essence and goal of human life. you can very well keep your beliefs yourself without hurting others. Good person means one should think that by his deeds and acts he should not cause any pain by body, mind and words to other living entity .

    Some People becomes atheists due to their circumstances. Poverty, unnatural death, disease, natural disasters, betrayal by relatives, friends and society. , unfullfillment of their materialistic desires, frustration, unemployment and influence of bogus religions false conception of GOD in the society. all these are due to their past sinful activities in their previous lifes. This is the laws of our own actions. Just like a thief as to be punished for his stealing by the laws of the state eventhough he appears to be innocent in other country. Lack of spiritual knowledge and ignorance of ultimate goal of human life is the cause of atheism.

    The fact is that, conception of atheism does not makes neither one happy nor others. If we look at the historyof Russian lenin, joseph stallin, hitler personally they were in full of anxiety out of fear of death and was suffering badly by their atheistic conception of life. human life is meant for simple living and high thinking not to degrade ourselves to the level of animals. Showing compassion to the weak and protecting them is the duty of those who are in superior position. These ideals and moral values are imbibed in the human society by all the bonafied religions. in the world. The conception of GOD is an difficult subject matter to understand and cannot be calculated by our mundane intelligence. One cannot understand GOD by debates, mere logic or research work. It is only when we become pure in our hearts GOD may reveal himself to us because he is purely spiritual in nature.

    The defects and sufferings in the human society is caused by our own selfish acts and not by GOD. The plan of GOD is to save us from this rotten condition and elevate us to his eternal kingdom where there is no such suffering. Unfortunately people are obstinate and puffed up by their material education and think that they can be happy in this world by controlling the nature by their defective scientific advancement and want to become themselves as GOD by decrying GODS instructions.

    So, try to understand and accept the real science. all the field of science points out to a existence of an intelligent designer.


    1. So, try to understand and accept the real science.

      I strongly suggest you look into the mirror and repeat those words to the person looking back.

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    2. Arun, you are a brainwashed fool. Everything you have said is unscientific. Seriously, go learn some science. You keep making yourself look like an idiot.

      And by the way, only brainwahed idiots think atheists only become so because of “bad stuff” in their life. In reality, uneducated people that are poor are the largest demographic of religious persons. My personal life is probably better than yours.

      Of course, facts dont matter to you. You make up dumb shit and call it science, or read 1 sentence of a headline of an excerpt of a scientific paper and assume you know it all.

      It IS ignorant people like yourself that drives me to blog. I want to scream at the top of my lungs that no, your made-up friend doesn’t tell people to hate others. So stop saying that. And being ignorant doesn’t make you right.

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    3. Do NOT assume. That is a dangerous thing to do, no matter what, if you keep trying to second guess people you don’t even know. All the field of science really really doesn’t CARE about your imaginary friend (oh wait. Was that a flash of lightning?) and neither do I. I have a good life, a rich one (not money, the other stuff. You know), a full one. Having left my early religion I have never once regretted it. No, I am not longing to be saved, elevated, or nurtured by something I cannot see or believe it. That is a tad creepy, you know. Right up there with those terrifying guardian angels.

      SA I know you have a policy about trolls, live and let live, all of that, but maybe you could put him in his own little topic and let him have at it? Feed him now and then…

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  17. Arun Ramakrishnan July 11, 2019 — 9:57 pm

    spartan i know that you people are afraid to accept the truth of science spartan i may be ignorant but do you say that great scientists like newton and instein, Dr.AE.Wilder smith and Dr.Michal behe are ignorant people?


  18. Arun Ramakrishnan July 11, 2019 — 11:03 pm

    michael behe and the mystery of molecular machines


  19. Arun Ramakrishnan July 12, 2019 — 1:36 am

    judi happiness of this world is not permanent. so an intelligent person should look for such happiness that which is not satiating. do you want to be happy for ever or for the time being alone?


    1. Long answer to a short question:

      Arun, I refuse to live scared, dreading an afterlife that from all accounts does a LOT of cherry picking over who gets in and who goes to hell. There is utterly no guarantee that there even IS a heaven. No one has ever sent a postcard back from there, or came back to tell us it’s an amazing place. No one.

      I LIKE where I am, and who I am. I don’t feel the need of approval from a priest, minister, rabbi, whatEVER, or from the neighbors who watch my every move to see if I’m sinning ; and most importantly , I don’t have to worry about what God thinks, or what the devil the devil is up to. And most importantly, most incredibly importantly, I take resonsiblity (as most non-believers do) for my own mistakes, errors, and wrong turns. There is a study that showed that most of the people incarcerated in prisons are good solid believers. Very very few non believers.

      Even Catholics, who started this meshuggah two thousand years ago, have turned out badly. Very, very badly.

      Short answer: I’m happy now. I earned it. No regrets. And no fears. I’m not concerned about death. It happens.
      shrugs. walks off stage, carrying her podium.

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    2. Arun, reality doesn’t care what we want or what we hope for.

      Religious people believe in what they want things to be. Atheists believe in the reality.

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  20. Arun Ramakrishnan July 13, 2019 — 12:05 am

    Judi you are such a child. Suppose if somebody comes to attack you will you defend yourself or happily accept your death without any protest? And you told that I am very happy now. Suppose let us assume that judi sister is a millionaire or multi millionaire. And judi has a very big palacial building with all expensive and luxury items, suffisticated cars, and permanent house keepers with security and servants in her palacial house. She is surrounded by all the rich aristocrats, relatives and friends. This is her social status and she is respected by all the big personalities in the society. judi sister has been enjoying such opulent life for sometime but one day when she was looking at a mirror she noticed a small grey hair near her ears. she ignored and put some coloring dye after some time she was feeling little weak to stand or walk and she noticed some wrinkles on her skin. By this time judi was above 70-years of age and she is having some digestion problem and doctor adviced her to prohibit certain foods which is not good for her health.. So judi was put in such a situation that she cannot enjoy her favorite food preparation. Everybody who praised judis beauty when she was young slowly started to loose interest on her and softly avoided her association. Some of the friends and relatives who was with the judi when she was young age praised her generosity and compassion only for her money. Judi’s intimate relations left this world because of their oldage. Who are only one who really loved her. Everyday she felt that she was missing her beloved ones. Due to her old age everybody avoided her company as they were afraid that the responsibility of taking care of a old lady would fall on their heads. Due to oldage she cannot walk and her mobility was restricted, she cannot go to dancing clubs and enjoy as her heart became weak and she cannot strain herself. Because her voice trembled those people who praised judis eloquent and intelligent speech when she was young now lost interest in her to hear her speech and her good instructions.

    for Spartan. According to you Spartan if this world is full of suffering and defects or bad design like disease, old age, death, poverty, wars, famines then no sain man shall accept the reality of this world and appreciate this bitter reality and desire to live in such a hellish conditions of life.


    1. Arun, that was the longest bunch of bullshit I’ve ever read. This post is about religious people fighting basic facts if it counters their stupid fucking beliefs. Make a sensible argument for your dumb ass god or I’m gonna have to block you and delete your posts. And trust me, I’ve been VEEEEERY generous giving you leeway to preach bullshit.

      Choose your next words wisely.


  21. Arun Ramakrishnan July 13, 2019 — 3:06 am

    dear spartan i know that if you cannot able to answer. you immediately use your block button as your weapon. so what is the judi’s reply to my question of happiness of this world?

    do you say the fact of old age and disease and its related problems is also bull shit fantancy imagination thing.
    age is also bull shit


    1. The reply is, old age is a bitch, but if you’re lucky enough to reach any level of it, you appreciate what it took to still get there standing. Sometimes, even walking rapidly. I’ve been lucky, Im in the middle of old age and ‘disease’ has ignored me so far. It’s how you approach it, how you appreciate what you have, that makes the difference. At least to me.
      And I realize there is less time than there was, to do the things I can, so I do the things I want to do, and have to do, save the new projects for someone else. And enjoy the rest.

      How sad, to spend the rest of my days (read: wasting the rest of my days) in prayer, in church, or “doing good” for people who neither want it or appreciate it. All with the dubious promise of a nebulous deity. Life, Arun, is to be lived, experienced. It isn’t a time-out corner to be used until you die. What a freaking waste of a life.


  22. Arun Ramakrishnan July 14, 2019 — 11:41 pm

    so dear brothers think wisely and try to understand your real constitutional position or nature. whether your nature is eternal or temporary.


  23. Arun Ramakrishnan July 17, 2019 — 9:59 pm

    https://Irreducible Complexity – Intelligent Design and Evolution Awareness …


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