The Party of Personal Responsibility

The Republican Party of the United States bills itself as the party of personal responsibility. The “libs”, they say, are the party of wanting to get away with sin, with sexual depravity, poor life choices, or not paying your own way.

This is bullshit. And to be perfectly clear, I’m writing this blog in direct response to the recent school shooting. Which one? That’s a GOD DAMNED GOOD QUESTION BECAUSE THERE ARE SO MANY FUCKING SCHOOL SHOOTINGS! But let’s pick on Uvalde, Texas. Texas Governor Greg Abbott signed legislation into law just last year making it legal and easy for 18 year olds to buy weapons. And guess what happened? A kid that just turned 18 went out and bought guns, then went to a school and killed 21 people. It is a FACT that if Gov Abbott and Texas had not passed that law, that 18 year old would not have been able to easily obtain firearms. The blood of those 21 people are on the hands of Gov Abbott. And yet he will never take responsibility for it. This is a man that laughably claims to be pro-life.

If you are the person that signs a law that allows people to easily kill other people and it happens, you are responsible. That is how responsibility works. Leaders are responsible for their actions, intended or otherwise. In June of 1944, General Eisenhower wrote his resignation letter for the failure of the D-Day invasion….. BEFORE THE OPERATION EVEN BEGAN. And, I might add, an operation that is now known as one of the most successful invasions in history. He knew he was the sole person responsible for the failure or success because he was in charge. He held himself personally responsible.

Compare that for just one second to the actions of Governor Gregg Abbott. Imagine if you will Gov Abbott writing his resignation letter before signing the “18 year olds can buy guns” bill. He promises, prior to signing, that this will be a good thing for our society. Imagine if Governor Greg Abbott had the sense of personal responsibility that General Eisenhower had. He would have voluntarily resigned the Governorship.

“But Spartan Atheist, this is an atheist blog! Why are you talking about politics?” I’m glad you asked.

  1. Children keep getting dead in easily preventable ways. Maybe NOT allowing people that aren’t allowed to buy alcohol to buy guns would help? It would have in TX. How about red flag laws to identify people that are potential shooters and have a way to handle that? How about not treating school/church/concert/theater shooters like they are “criminals” as if “criminals” are a completely different creature, and recognize that we are all capable of being criminals if our circumstances change, and do something to actually take care of people? How about actually addressing mental health, instead of blaming it but not funding it?
  2. It’s my fucking blog. I’ll talk about what I want.
  3. But yes, there is much to do with religion about this as well. The GOP is the party of the religious fanatics in the US. And guess what they absolutely NEVER do? They never worry about accountability. Their god fails them so often, they have been trained to ignore it. Their god is the least accountable entity in history, not only failing to achieve anything the religious people say that he will do, but often even making things worse for his followers! Let’s chase this down, and compare with their new demigod, Cheeto Jesus.

Their god: Fails to explain his plan. Followers have no idea what his plan is.
Donald Trump: Fails to ever put out a plan. Followers assume he has a plan but have no idea what it is.

Their god: Claims he will wipe out sinners, but somehow manages to overwhelmingly kill or burden his own followers with hurricanes, tornadoes, childhood diseases, teen pregnancy, divorce, etc.
Donald Trump: Claims he would destroy the “libs”, but the Trump virus kills his followers nearly 20 to 1.

Their god: Has a book that is absolutely contradictory to even itself, let alone reality.
Donald Trump: Changes his position 5 times in a single sentence.

Their god: Blames the devil for bad stuff he is responsible for.
Donald Trump: Blames literally anyone else for the stuff he is responsible for. (Eisenhower is rolling over in his grave.)

Their god: God treated Job like a piece of shit, literally giving him debilitating illnesses and killing his wife and children, but Job wouldn’t condemn god. Job is considered a great man when he should be thought of as an idiot.
Donald Trump: Trump called Ted Cruz’s wife ugly to his face. Ted Cruz should rightfully see Trump as a petty idiot. Cruz kisses Trump’s ass. Cruz is an idiot.

Their god: Created the world, and therefore set the very conditions by which children starve to death and get leukemia, but followers blame anything else, usually gay people.
Donald Trump: Literally created the talking point that the 2020 election was stolen and the liberals would destroy America and citizens needed to rise up like in 1776 with guns and throw off the government. When they did it, they blamed gay people.

Their god: Wants people to make golden statues of him, but nobody else
Donald Trump: Wants people to make golden statues of him, but nobody else.

Their god: Promises health and land, but then fails.
Donald Trump: Promises healthcare and jobs, but then fails.

Their god: Jesus says his followers will never want of food and clothing.
Donald Trump: Says his followers will get tired of winning. He has lost the 2020 election over 100 times now (counting recounts, audits, and court cases)

Their god: Says their prayers will be answered. Prayers have been studied academically by multiple organizations, including groups and money and researchers that wanted prayer to be real, and it never works. Nothing fails like prayer.
Donald Trump: Claims to be Mr. “Art of the Deal”, but Nancy Pelosi played him like a harp. Congress gave him $2.6 Billion for “wall”, but his legendary cunning and skill resulted in him getting $0.00. Yes, he lost every penny of funding he wanted for “wall”. What a deal-maker…..

Their god: Said he is a jealous god that will kill you forever if you don’t kiss his ass. But he loves you.
Donald Trump: Jealous and vain, will ruin your name if you cross him, grifts you through taxes and stealing from your political donations. But he “loves you beautiful people.”

Their god: Claims he can make disease go away magically.
Donald Trump: Claimed Covid-19 would “magically go away” in a mere couple months.

Their god: Will be there in your time of need, won’t give you more than you can handle. (The US averages 46,000 suicides per year at the moment.)
Donald Trump: Claimed he won’t have time to play golf as president, he will be so busy. (Played more golf than any previous president, including 2 term presidents.)

Their god: Claims he will punish unbelievers. Believers have worse rates of divorce, teen pregnancy, abortion, suicide, lower income, lower education, lower life expectancy, etc.
Donald Trump: Claims he would cut YOUR taxes. Only cut rich people’s taxes, destroyed the economy, and doubled the national debt.

Their god: Claims his followers are good people. Hides pedophiles and murderers who offend again.
Donald Trump: Claims he hires “only the best people.” His cabinet and staff was just a veritable turnstyle of which would later write books claiming he was an idiot, which he then returns the favor by calling them idiots and losers.

Their god: Promised the Hebrews their own land. Got them lost for 40 years, then finally got them a small piece of land only to get invaded and never have a homeland again for 2000 years, and then only a hotly contested strip that is an active combat zone.
Donald Trump: Promised cheap perscription drugs and an elimination of illegal drugs. Prescription drug prices are higher than ever, as are illegal drug sales.

Their god: SAYS everything is wonderful when it is not. Followers believe it.
Donald Trump: SAYS everything is wonderful when it is not. Followers believe it.

Their god: SAYS everything will fall apart without him. Places without him are better off.
Donald Trump: SAYS everything will fall apart without him. Places without him are better off.

Their god: Promised to return.
Donald Trump: Promised to win.

Yep, I’m picking on Trump because he is just a poster-boy of non-accountability. But apply it across the party. When a Democrat gropes or even allegedly gropes someone (Franken, Cuomo), that politician’s career is over and they resign, often in shame. But this is not a contest of which side has more rot within, because the GOP claims to be the clean party. I don’t care if the Democrats have a slight majority of depravity, because the GOP talking point tells you it should be 98% Democrats. They claim to be the moral party. They claim to be the party of personal responsibility. And yet, when they get caught in scandal, or even if they just fail to do their job, the response is deafeningly quiet. Like the Catholic Church hiding pedophiles, the GOP circles the wagons and attacks.

They are not the party of Personal Responsibility. They are not the party of morality. They are not the party of accountability, financial or personal. They ARE the party of unresolved failure, however, and they are the party of death.

And don’t be fooled, religion has made it so. Religious dogma, uncritical thinking, and absolute loyalty are things considered good in religion, and increasingly in the Republican Party. Religion has destroyed the party, making it nothing but the US version of Al-Qaida.

It is up to us to hold them accountable. Vote for accountability.

The Spartan Atheist

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  1. $Amen$ to all you said, brother.

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