Citizen Tom: No Thinking Allowed

This is merely a quick heads up to anyone that thinks Citizen Tom has any intellectual integrity at all. He does not.

He recently blogged (click here to check it out- before he deletes it) about one of my recent blogs, and drooled enough bullshit to cover Chicago. One of his claims was that atheists that think we can scientifically test for god are just dumb idiots because god isn’t a physical person, but a philosophical problem.

“But wait!”, literally everyone that uses their brain is jumping up and down saying right now, “doesn’t their god interact with the physical world?”

Yes, literally everyone that uses your brains. Christians DO claim their god interacts with our physical world. It’s almost as if Citizen Tom took his brain out of his head, electrocuted what was left in his skull, poured bleach into his head-hole and rinsed a while, and then decided to try and answer a question about the existence of god. And his answer pretty clearly forgets to think about the very thing they claim their god can do, which is do stuff here, in the real, physical world.

Naturally, when I merely asked this singular question, “does your god interact with our physical world”, a question by which under any other context he would be jumping at his feet telling me about how powerful and helpful their god is, suddenly he becomes paralyzed with wonder about if I “sincerely” want to learn. His buddy-in-brainlessnes Silence of the Mind jumps in to further tell me that not only is my question stupid, but that I have a cartoonish understanding of their god.

Look, if you spend every hour of your day seriously preaching to people that cars work by jumping in, yelling “yaba daba doo”, and then flipping your feet super quick, people will have a cartoonish view of how cars work. And if you say your god makes things change in the physical world, but doesn’t do anything in the physical world, then people will have a cartoonish view of your god. If you can’t explain the no-shit details, then you are explaining it like a cartoon.

But here is the reason I’m writing this post- Citizen Tom has just demonstrated that he is willing to speak WITH AUTHORITY on subjects for which he has not yet even put a single bit of thought into. I completely stumped him with the first question. The very first, most obvious question about his understanding of his god just sunk his entire premise. This brainless buffoonery isn’t unique to Citizen Tom. No, it is the entire lot of apologists, preachers, and defenders of the faith that yell loudly and think sparingly.

Brainless idiots that pretend to be experts should never be followed. To be honest, nobody should follow me either, I’m just some dude with a blog. But I answer questions. I think through the problems. I explain the mechanisms. I respond to every objection. I resolve the issues.

Religion is a cover up for sheer stupidity, and Citizen Tom is their mascot.

The Spartan Atheist

16 thoughts on “Citizen Tom: No Thinking Allowed

  1. Can we take a moment to appreciate how aptly named “Silence of the Mind” is though?

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    1. The Silence of Mind is where God speaks and the Universe listens.

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      1. chris schilling May 24, 2022 — 6:26 pm

        “God speaks and the Universe [sic] listens.”

        What does God say? Baffle them with bullshit?

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      2. God says “I am too lazy to do anything, have been for 90,000 years now. Go tell everyone whatever you want, I don’t give a shit about humans anyway.”

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  2. The Citizen’s blog in question is where Spartan argued with himself and lost (multiple times) and demonstrated that he could not understand the simplest of concept even after having them explained to him 5 or 6 times (at his request).

    Anyone can go see for themselves.

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    1. Silence, welcome back you fucking piece of shit liar! I linked to CTs article so anyone can check it out. I merely kept asking a simple question: Does your god interact with our physical world, yes or no? You haven’t answered that question yet, despite lying your ass off. Last chance for you: Yes or No?

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  3. Probably one of the finest qualities that Christians have honed against atheists and non-believers is DIVERSION. Very, very rarely do they offer a direct answer to a direct question. Instead, they attack the questioner by either (1) offering a response that is in no way related to the question, (2) changing the subject entirely, or (most common) (3) insulting the questioner.

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    1. Yep. This is why they are mad at me. CT accused me of not knowing how to debate. I told him i wasn’t debating, since a debate without a moderator is just a shouting match. I’m trying to get to the ground truth about something.

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  4. CT is a special breed of frustration. I haven’t read the dialog but can use my predictive genius to fully imagine word for word the canned replies.

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    1. Give it a read. It’s a master class in avoiding real thought.

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      1. I’ll get it after work. No thinking allowed is a byproduct of belief before intellect. It’s reverse the order it should be but first we’re taught to believe, then spend our intellect defending it. That is universal until a special miracle happens and you see the bullshit for what it is.

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      2. I love your perspective because it is so damned true!


    1. Yes, CT. If your god interacts with our physical world, it is scientifically able to be investigated. Call ot whatever supposed “bad name” you want, but the fact remains if your god interacts with our physical world we can check it out.


  5. I happen to agree with you and after wasting hours trying to reason with the individual I have blocked him from both my blog and my gmail so that I never have to listed to such unmitigated crap again.

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