Can we sustain life off of religious zealots as batteries: a capstone exercise

Religious people are not smart. They are gullible idiots that follow the words of stupidity and ignorance, they ignore evidence, and their entire world is informed by a very small group of gullible idiot associates. Even highly intelligent people that are religious are not smart. They blindly turn off their brains at the mere suggestion of a topic related to their gods. And to this end, people of power have used religious people to do their bidding since the dawn of recorded history. To this day, rich and powerful interests like the coal industry have been able to convince religious idiots to willingly work and vote against their own interests and even to make themselves dead earlier to make sure the companies make money and retain power. And it is in the churches of America that the ideas of profit over human welfare are born and reinforced.

In the spirit of the phrase “If you can’t beat them, join them”, I now wonder if the powerful are on to something, and ask the following question: can we sustain long-term human existence using religious persons as the battery for life? Said another way, can we harness their persecution complex to create work in a way that will benefit society at large? Can we use religious people to power the future so that the rest of us can live a life of leisure?

Look, it is absolutely true that our modern life does not require a lot of work. Farms that used to take dozens of workers now do the job with one or two. Factories have cut 20 workers on a production line to a single robot manager. The result is we are not a production economy but a service economy, meaning most people don’t actually do work required to sustain life but instead work to entertain or make us comfortable. And yet, Americans work longer hours than any of our western equals. We work longer because our entire system is dictated by religious dogmas instead of adjusting to reality. Religious dogmas make working hard a sacred cow, rewarding those that do and punishing those that don’t. So why don’t we just let them do the work?

I am therefore proposing a deep dive into this issue of using humans as batteries for a leisure class. And to that end, I have outlined the following issues that must be addressed:

1. What is the ratio of “battery people” to leisure citizens that can be sustained? If we pre-assume only people that can be convinced by religious propaganda can be the batteries, it means that skeptics and freethinkers will cause issues with the system. Is the ratio of gullible idiots in our country enough to sustain the entire population at current rates, and at what ratio does it flip?

2. Propaganda would of course need to be properly tailored. And this needn’t be hard. Fossil fuel industries convinced people that accepting climate change as legitimate science is “socialist”, which is like saying that believing in birds makes you a Mets fan. It doesn’t make any sense. But it doesn’t have to. It just needs to be spoken by preachers. And we can pay them to spread the message. That too has already been done for abortion and oil and social programs, and that propaganda is a stable part of religious idiocy to this day. But one consideration must be that they can dislike those of us living off their work, but we must give their steam an outlet. Frankly, I propose we just lie a bit more to them. Put out news or start rumors that for the most part, the leisure citizens don’t exist. Every now and then, charge a preacher (who, let’s face it, is the ultimate non-working person in history) with living off the work of others and let him or her be punished. It’s the ultimate wag-the-dog. I also propose for consideration propaganda that supports high birth-rates among the working class. We could easily assimilate many such propaganda such as replacement theory, religious objections to contraceptives or abortions, and stereotype gender roles for adult men and women making large families a desire.

3. Political power is important. Just like the abortion issue has convinced the idiots to vote for people that take away their rights, take away their money, consolidate power, and eliminate the liability of the rich from their own actions, this movement must use the religous voting block to elect officials that are willing to write legislation that takes money from the workers and gives it to the leisure class, while calling it something else with a catch-phrase. Religious idiots don’t read documents, especially when they’ve been told they don’t have to. Recruiting and supporting such politicians is critical to this process. Again using catch-phrases, the more we can disenfranchise opposition voters, the better.

4. Use of the leisure class to recruit worldwide talent. Most scientists and inventors are curious people, and would still use their talents to make the next big discovery or technology, even if they could literally live for free. To that end, we could use the promise of our leisure class status to recruit the brightest minds around the world to improve our already comfortable lives and sustain it long-term. Renewable energy and improved technologies and a healthy environment will all not only improve the lives of the leisure class, but increase working longevity of the working class and make their work more effective in supporting more people.

Before I begin work on such a capstone project, I am interested to hear what others may think of my plan. I think it could be very sustainable and enjoyable to those of us that think for ourselves.

Oh, and one last word to any religious trolls that are here to call me immoral for even considering such a plan: You already voted for it, it’s already happening, you are already a battery for the rich. You’re welcome.

The Spartan Atheist


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