6 thoughts on “Professor Plink on YouTube

  1. Anyone can figure out logically that God exists. Plato and Aristotle figured out that God exists 2400 years ago and gave very formal philosophical arguments and proofs for God’s existence.

    The problem with atheism then, is that the atheist must give up his ability to reason in order to be an atheist.

    After that, any proof, any evidence any common sense is completely lost on the atheist because he or she has given up his uniquely human power of reasoning. The atheist takes it on 100% faith that God does not exist.


    1. Anyone can figure out logically that Silence of the Mind is a fucking piece of shit liar.

      1) Anyone that exists that is called Silence of the Mind is a piece of shit liar.
      2) Anyone that comments on my blog exists.
      3) Silence of the mind comments on my blog.
      Ergo, Silence of the Mind is a piece of shit liar.

      Christian Logic.


    2. Also, you still haven’t told me if Ananias died for your reason or the reason given in the bible…………..


  2. Spartan, You have just proved me right twice. You simply cannot reason. You must change the subject, hallucinate that I have not answered your questions and resort to verbal abuse.

    You are the typical atheist who is completely unable to think rationally.


    1. Lol! Silence, I’m just fucking with you becauae you are an idiot.

      You still haven’t answered my question about Ananias. You are too stupid to talk to. Answer or *blocked*


    2. Silence, you failed to discuss the reason Ananias was killed. Lying shitheads get blocked. You are welcome.


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