One Man and One Woman

Many Christians will claim that the Bible is the greatest work in the history of mankind. Those same Christians don’t know the first thing about what is written in the bible.

Isn’t that just wierd that something claimed to be so important is never referenced in the daily life of Christians? Imagine if the Supreme Court of the US just forgot to reference the Constitution literally every single time they reached a decision. Imagine if a corporate hiring manager forgot to reference the job description. Imagine if a mechanic forgot to reference torque specifications when rebuilding your motor. Imagine an airline pilot that forgot to reference the landing checklist.

Take any of those instances, and you can imagine the chaos that would ensue. Can you imagine the lawsuits if the airline pilot forgot to lower the landing gear? And yet we have Christians walking around all day every day just bitching about stuff they made up, without once referencing the source material.

There are literally churches in these United States that claim to be “biblical churches”, or “bible following churches”, or “biblically based churches”, and yet they also seemingly don’t know what the fuck is in the bible. The bible is the most prolific book in history, and yet a simple quiz will show you that most people are clueless about the contents. Even churches that hold bible studies are filled with ignorant parishoners! How is this so!?

Advanced cherry picking is how. In this technique over time the entire bible is read, but it is never read as a whole. Instead, the gullible sheep just read one or two passages at a time and talk about it out of context. Yes, that’s right. Out of context. If you take a single line of a book, and ignore all the previous and following bits of the story, you are taking it out of context. And this is exactly what these “bible studies” do. They take one line, even a “problematic” line, and by removing the context and sitting around making excuses, they can come up with a seemingly plausible resolution. As long as you never attempt to square the excuses from last week with this week, you can proclaim the bible “says” all sorts of stuff it doesn’t.

For example, the bible has a couple lines about how a husband and a wife should act toward each other. But at no time, EVER, does the bible specify that the relationship should consist of only ONE man and ONE woman. Ever! Quite to the contrary, it talks at length about men having multiple wives, and having sex with the slave women and when they can be promoted to a sister wife position and shit like that. The bible says if your brother dies, you HAVE to take his widow on as your wife, even if you already have a wife, because women are just like cattle in the bible. An unmarried woman without children is fucking worthless in god’s eyes, so you have to fuck her to give her worth. If you don’t believe me, god killed a guy for fucking his widow sister-in-law but pulling out. Genesis 38:8-10. Go ahead and look it up. We all know the Christians won’t.

Marriage being between JUST ONE man and JUST ONE woman is anathama to the entire bible story. The three Abrahamic religions trace their start to a guy- Abraham, obviously- that had two wifes. His first wife Sarah, and her slave that Abraham also took as a wife. This second wife’s child- Ishmael, became a major father figure and prophet in the biblical narrative.

Now remember, Bible God at this time was quite happy to kill people for not knocking up their widowed sister-in-law. And in this environment of capital punishment for not following his strict rules, bible god was not only cool with Abraham having two wives, he actually promised Abraham that his second wife’s child would also have great fortune. Do you want context? That is the context of Bible God’s regard for the whole “who gets to marry who” issue.

And, let’s not forget, I haven’t even started with men getting wives by raping them. Or selling wives or daughters to be wives. Or concubines. Or war brides. Again, that is context. The bible simply believes women are just property to be bought and sold, and their worth is in producing offspring. One man and one woman? You can NOT read the bible and come to that conclusion. It is never in there. It is never specified. It is never even hinted at that a man is limited to a single wife.

*Whiny Christian bitches* “But Spartan Atheist, back in those days, men died cuz of war or something so god needed to populate the earth, or some excuse like that!”

Dear Whiny Bitch Christian: It is your claim that one man and one woman is not a convenience or socially acceptable idea, but a physical joining of souls and a law of GOD. That once married, dissolving a marriage is like having your hand cut off. You preach that marriage is not just a friendly arrangement, but a covenant with GOD between a single man and single woman, and that all other arrangements are an abomination of that covenant of souls. And yet you are blissfully implying that if the human condition changes, God’s covenant and the very nature of marriage can be bent for earthly pursuits. To which I say- exactly. The human condition has changed. We have inhabited the entire terrestrial earth. Making babies is not a thing that needs to happen. So let’s bend the covenant and let two loving men get married if they want. Deal?

To be fair, the bible IS very homophobic. Yes, gay men are to be put to death according to the “good book”. Guess who else is to be put to death? Women that get divorced and have sex with someone else. So let’s stop pretending that the 2x divorced Karens of the world give a crap about the bible. They just want to hate, and found a reason that deflects from their own opinion.

And that’s really what the bible is used for. It isn’t used as an actual guide, or an actual rule book, or an actual basis for living. It is used as an excuse for anytime a religious person is being a bigot, homophobe, racist, asshole, or entitled brat. By claiming it is in the bible, they excuse themselves from being the source of the hatred. But it’s actually them.

It’s always actually just them.

The Spartan Atheist

13 thoughts on “One Man and One Woman

  1. 2 Timothy 3:2. “A bishop then must be blameless, the husband of one wife, vigilant, sober, of good behaviour, given to hospitality, apt to teach”.
    Apparently the clergy must have one wife. Not sure about the others. Priest should marry according to scripture.

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  2. This so called god must have been watching Onan screw this woman and then watched him jack off and waste his semen, then he kills him. What words exist that you could use to describe someone who does that shit and what about the sick bastards called Christians that worship such a filthy retard? This is a social sickness.

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    1. Yep. Avoidable, self-inflicted social sickness.


  3. “Those same Christians don’t know the first thing about what is written in the bible.”

    And you do? Give the multiverse a break!


    1. Yes, I do. More than you, it would seem.


      1. Spartan, You are telling yourself what you need to hear to make your atheism work out for you.

        Christians live by the Bible. That is why red states and cities are safe and prosperous and Godless blue cities and states are hell holes.


      2. Silence…. The bible belt is the divorce belt. And the abortion belt. And the gay porn belt. And the teen pregnancy belt. And the poor belt. And the infant mortality belt. And the uneducated belt. And the murder belt. And the crime belt.

        But then again, you have been a lying cunt since the first time you started commenting on my blog. So naturally you are getting this wtong as well.

        But before we go one single sentence further, was Ananias killed for witholding money from the Peter cult or for some other reason? You still have evaded this question, and I want to know. So answer. Answer the question.


      3. Spartan, The Bible Belt has great universities fed by great public schools. The Bible belt has just passed laws limiting abortion. Democrats are the ones caught with kiddy porn. And Democrats live everywhere. Unlike you, I live in the Bible Belt. Unlike you, I know what I am talking about.

        Your comment is just you hallucinating an alternate reality to make atheism work out for you.


      4. No, Silence. More abortions, divorces, teen pregnancy, gay porn watching, child marriages, and child trafficking happen in the bible belt. That is simply a fact. I didn’t say anything about Dems or GOP, which demonstrates your preconceptions are driving your comments, not facts.


      5. Fake news, Spartan, that only idiots and atheists believe.


      6. So your argument technique is to simply ignore things you don’t like, or that counter your argument. Okay. Goodbye.


      7. Notice, SA … he still doesn’t answer the question. Soooo typical of believers. When you pin them down with simple and direct questions about bible passages that “contradict” what THEY believe, they run for the woods.

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      8. Yeah, he has an argument technique of repeatedly saying “nuh uh!” I tire of the dishonesty.

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