Poison Is Safe (if you select your results)

This is just such an easy concept to understand that I’m not sure why anyone is fooled by it, but like everything I talk about on this blog, super easy to understand doesn’t guarantee results. Believers believe in the face of obvious problems.

Anyway, poison. Not the band. Poison is a substance that cause illness or death.

Back when people thought Kings were a good way to run a government, it was pretty common for some schmuck to be designated as the “taster” for the king’s food. Their job was simple. Eat a small sampling of the food the King was about to consume, drink what the King would imbibe. Then stand there for a minute. And that’s it. That’s the job. Your job as a “taster” was to become evidence that no poison was on the food or in the drink.

Pro-tip, don’t poll “tasters” to see if poison can kill, because you can only be asking ones that haven’t already died. It’s a skewed sample.

But what if the “taster” had some defect or immunity or other biological protection against that specific poison? I’ll use fiction because the movie is AWESOME, but in “The Princess Bride” the main character gets into a “duel of wit” with the bad guy and wins because he tasted a goblet of wine. The bad guy believed only one goblet was poisoned, and switched goblets. So when our hero drank confidently from his goblet, the bad guy believed that because of the switch, he actually had the non-poisoned drink. But in reality, both goblets were poisoned, and our hero had systematically ingested small traces of the poison over time to develop an immunity.

Was my re-cap of that movie neccessary? No. Could I have just talked about food tasters and moved on without that aside? Yes. But face it, you think that movie is cool. Admit it! And pro-tip, if someone that has become immune to poison seems a bit loose with the poison over your beverage or food, don’t eat that shit.

The honey badger is one bad-ass creature. When a honey badger fights a poisonous snake, the snake usually gets in a nice poison-filled bite. But the honey badger doesn’t care, and still bites the head of the snake off. Then the honey badger usually has a bit of a poison hangover, passes out for a few minutes, then wakes up and eats the snake. Seriously, this is crazy stuff. YouTube video here.

But here is a pro-tip. Do NOT take a honey badger’s word for it if he tells you snake bites are no big deal. Sure, from the honey badger’s perspective, snake bites are just a way to relax before a big meal. But to nearly every other living thing on earth, it’s a way to get dead!

I’m going to totally change the subject now, but let’s consider the effect religion has on societies. Religion makes them worse. Much worse. Religion is poison to societies.

How is it poison? Well, let’s imagine a bunch of things that make a society a good or bad place to live. I think being alive is a pretty good thing, and I think most people would agree with me. So let’s use “life” as one measure. We shouldn’t get killed for no reason, if possible. Once you’re alive, wouldn’t it be nice if you weren’t in pain all the time? I sure would. So let’s go with “health” as a measure. If I’m the only one with a good life and everyone else is miserable, they aren’t going to agree things are good. So everyone gets to have life and health, not just me or people in charge. So “equality” is our measure. I don’t like having my stuff stolen, and people running around stealing stuff makes it hard for others to make a living, which makes the “life” and “health” thing harder. Plus it’s not very equitable. So “low crime” can be a measure.

And there is more. Education and literacy. Women in schools, careers, and government. How about low infant mortality? Wouldn’t that be nice not to have a quarter or half of your kids die as babies or during birth? It’s tied to health, but it’s also a good measure. I know low to zero abortion rates is the goal of many religious organizations, so sure! Add in low/no abortion as a measure. Low teen pregnanacy (helps the education thing, and economic development as well). Oh, how about economic development? Are people able to get jobs with a liveable wage? How about low divorce rates? Yep, we can add that as well.

Take any society and add religion, and all of these things get worse. All of the things we all want in a society, including what religious people want in a society, get worse. Other than “be religious”, everything the religious people want including a standard family model, polite children, hardworking men, and the whole shebang gets worse when you ingest a bit of religion in your society. Click the links for this study, and this one.

And it’s not even hard to figure out why they are bad for societies. Religions necessarily are preaching something that is made up. (Except YOUR specific church, of course) And only when discussing religion do people have to remind others that believing in made-up shit is bad for good decision making. But there it is. And just like the various poisons, we can name exactly the made-up shit that degrades societal health. Mysogyny. Racism. Dogma over practicality. Tenants over reality. Feelings over facts. Claims to land. Claims of superiority. Claims of cause and effect. Inflexibility. Demanding respect for pointless rituals or trinkets. These are the toxins that make religions poison. These toxins degrade health, degrade respect, degrade the sanctity of life, degrade learning.

Now, go to a person in a church. They think religion is great. Congrats, they have become immune, or are the honey badger. But all around them, society is getting sick and dying.

Pro-tip. Don’t trust any religious person that is thrice divorced, paid for a mistress’s abortion, beat an ex-spouse, preached against the evils of homosexuality but was caught having a gay affair, has a nice house, claimed the end of the world was coming but was wrong, distrusts science, makes excuses for pedophiles or rape, votes or acts or preaches to keep women from being equals, or anyone that checks religious dogma before making decisions. Also, take every opportunity to wipe religion from your society. Clean religion away. Treat it like poison. Avoid handling it. Warn people away from it.

Maybe your society won’t die a gruesome, prostrate, weaping, ignorant, hate-filled death.

The Spartan Atheist

36 thoughts on “Poison Is Safe (if you select your results)

  1. I always enjoy reading your posts, but now I know why. You are from, or have connections to my Caribbean country. How do I know that? Only a Caribbean person will know that Poison was a carnival band, and a dam good one at that.
    Have a great day. lol.


    1. well, Poison is a US hair band too. 🙂

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    2. Gus, as much as I want to hang out in the Caribbean, I was referring to the 80s glam metal band. But I’m glad you enjoy the articles!

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  2. “Pro-tip. Don’t trust any religious person that is thrice divorced, paid for a mistress’s abortion, beat an ex-spouse, preached against the evils of homosexuality but was caught having a gay affair, has a nice house, claimed the end of the world was coming but was wrong, distrusts science, makes excuses for pedophiles or rape, votes or acts or preaches to keep women from being equals, or anyone that checks religious dogma before making decisions. ”
    I think I finally found something I agree with.
    Who would have thought. . . ?


    1. Then why do you make excuses for rape, Randy?


      1. Did the subject matter change?


  3. Nope. Subject is religion is a poison to society. Exceptions do not change that fact. You personally espouse supposed benefits of the Jesus cult while literally making excuses for rape.

    In many ways, Randy, you are exhibit A.


  4. Have you been hurt personally by someone claiming to be christian? The acts you choose to accuse us of seem quite foreign to me in my experience with those whon have tasted of this new life.


    1. Naturally you would think that, Randy. You can’t imagine a world where your religion isn’t loved, unless someone was unwittingly hurt by it.

      To answer your question directly, no. I was never personally hurt by the church or anyone in it. I left the church because my belief waned, not because of trauma. I actually enjoyed the weekly rhythm of going to church, and to this day most of my family are still church-going people. And good people.

      The difference is once I no longer believed, I didn’t have to try and justify the horrible things the church does anymore. When I was still in the church, pedophile priests were just “bad apples”, and I probably thought they weren’t serious about the religion. But in reality, pedophile priests were basically given a pass to fuck more children because the church covered everything up to save face.

      They had to save face, so they allowed children to be raped. Let that sink in.

      And since I was no longer a believer, instead of trying to make excuses in my head, I just could openly say or think that a policy that covers up child rape and makes it possible to happen again and again is a bad policy.

      And that is it. As soon as someone quits making excuses for the church, and acknowledges all the harm, it becomes apparent that the church is a greater force for “evil” than any devil could ever be.

      You, Randy, are probably a pretty decent person overall. Yet here you are, because you believe that this religion is good, trying to make excuses for rape and slavery. I can’t think of another example of evil than convincing good people that evil shit is okay.

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      1. And what “excuses for rape and slavery” have I made?
        I don’t recall ever excusing evil, which I believe both of these are.
        My comment was would God be good if he destroyed everyone who had the tendency toward evil acts?
        I know that I would not be here if that were the case.


      2. Randy, you are literally the guy that excused your god for allowing rape. You literally acted like there was nothing he could do without screwing up some cosmic order. I literally wrote an entire article on your exceptionally stupid and thoughless comment deflecting from calling your god what he is. An immoral monster.

        Luckily, thankfully, he doesn’t exist.


      3. Send me the lateral quote. I honestly don’t believe I literally excused Him and that there was nothing He could do.


      4. Randy, in the comments of my article “A Word on Explanatory Power”, Chris said:

        “Further, God either can’t, or is unwilling to prevent children from being raped. So again: hardly unlimited power. And Randy has admitted in a previous post as to not knowing why his god fails to intervene, so either Randy’s understanding of his god is faulty, or maybe his god simply doesn’t.

        You replied:
        Chris, I have a question for you. If you were God, what would you do to the rapist?

        You are making excuses for why your god does not stop or condemn rape.


      5. It looks like I literally asked a question to find out what Chris thought, and, if memory serves me, I never did receive an answer to that question.
        I always learned in school that questions were a way to get to someone’s true beliefs.
        Asking the question really doesn’t say what I believe, does it?


      6. Wrong. The questions you ask indicate what you were thinking. If you were thinking “you know, if god were actually all powerful, he could stop rape”, you would not have asked that question. If you were thinking “there must be a reason god doesnt stop rape, maybe because being god is very hard”, then you ask the question you asked.

        And seriously, let’s not sit here and jerk each others dicks. You were going for the “free will” angle. You have done it before. And it is just an excuse. You are making excuses for your god allowing rape. Hell, for making rape accessible!

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      7. You assume there is no judgment for evil,no punishment for sin.
        There is.
        You, too, will be judged.
        He provided a way of escape from the punishment.
        But it means you have to make a big U- turn.


      8. See? You are making excuses for rape again!

        I dont fucking care if 83 years later, a pedophile dies and goes to hell. I care that a little boy or girl does NOT GET RAPED.

        You care only that your god doesn’t look bad, and fuck the little kids.


      9. Thank you for letting me say my part.
        Until the next time. . . .

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  5. “Take any society and add religion, and all of these things get worse.”

    That is a false statement.

    Some of the greatest hospitals were founded by Christians and named after saints. The public education as we know it today was created by a Catholic who became a saint. The foundation of modern science was laid down during the Christian Middle Ages by Christians under the guidance of the Catholic Church.

    Here is an inconvenient fact: All civilizations rose up around religion. Not only is religion good for society, without religion civilization would not exist.

    These simple, commonly know facts prove that this post is a big lie.

    Also, why do comments get automatically sent to “moderation?”

    What are you afraid of?


    1. Hi, Silence. Medical science and modern education came into being IN SPITE OF the religion. And I can prove that in about 8 seconds:

      When the religion started, the modern medicine and science and education did not start at the same time. Ergo, the religion was not the cause.

      Religion is an early and now defunct way of explaining the universe. So as science and education advanced, of course they rose up in religious societies. That is not an inconvenient fact, that is exactly what we would expect if the religion was unable to explain, and another, better explanation came into being!

      Moderation is because some fuckwad likes to spam my comments. Literally just spray insults but never actually discusses anything.

      You will always get through as long as you discuss, not preach.


      1. Spartan, Why do atheists lie about things so easily verified?

        No religion = no civilization

        That is a verifiable fact. Atheism, the replacement for religion, has its own creed, its own dogma, its own mind set – all aspects of any religion.


      2. Silence, it seems you have a whole host of very stupid ideas in your head that will take quite some time to unpack.

        Let’s start here. Do you agree people want to know how things happen?


      3. Spartan, Modern science was invented by Christians such as Kepler, Copernicus, Galileo and Newton. Their discoveries were earth shattering. Their work rests on the shoulders of all the legions of Christian researchers who labored for centuries during the Christian Middle Ages developing measurement tools and the foundation of materials science. Further, science and archeology are Christianity’s best friends because they are offer all the evidence that atheists demand but ignore.

        Atheists must believe a set of myths which say the exact opposite. Otherwise, atheism just doesn’t work out.

        Also, why haven’t you visited my blog which is replete with scientific proofs of God’s existence and rebuttals that put atheism to bed?

        You don’t visit because all atheists exist in an echo chamber like any other group of religious fanatics. You simply cannot tolerate having your beliefs questioned.


      4. Silence, you keep saying lots and lots and lots… and lots…. and lots of stupid things. You just pile on about 50 stupid things on top of each other.

        Do you want to talk or do you want to preach?

        If you want to talk, answer my question.


      5. Spartan, Who are you to say someone else is stupid? I disagree with you, offer proof and your reply is to call me stupid?

        Surely you can do better than that? Well, I have never seen an atheist do better than that. So if you do, it will be a first.

        Atheists reply to challenge by calling people stupid, rigging their arguments, stating opinions as facts, stating falsehoods as facts.

        All of your beliefs are based on myths that were around when I was a kid (in the 1960’s). All those myths confused me too, but I finally wised up.



      6. Silence. I don’t know if you are stupid or not, but you definitely believe some stupid things.

        Are you going to go through them one at a time, or are you going to try and just gish-gallop my blog?


      7. Spartan, I stated facts that you have completely ignored. My comments have destroyed your post.

        And your only reply is “:Gee, that’s stupid.”

        If you can’t pick yourself up out of your own rubble, my job here is done.


      8. Silence, you stated some facts and a lot of stupid conclusions.

        Do you wish to have a logical conversation where we discuss the issues one at a time, or not?


      9. What you call stupid conclusions are either obvious facts or the results of published research. The world has moved on from the imaginary world of 1950’s atheist myth.


      10. Silence, that was not my question. Do you wish to engage one issue at a time or are you just here to spew crap? I tire of your unsubstantiated ranting.

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      11. Silence? Hello? Are you also silent on discussion? Thinking too tricky for you?


  6. chris schilling March 22, 2022 — 5:37 pm

    Randy says: “You too will be judged.”
    Prove it.

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  7. chris schilling March 23, 2022 — 10:09 pm

    I had a brief look around on SoM’s site.

    It’s standard apologetics, and not very impressive. For instance: in a recent SoM post, the problem of evil is hand waved away by invoking the Temptation and subsequent Fall in Genesis — man is responsible for sin; death; evil, etc, not God Himself (talk about an overreaction on Yahweh’s part, to such a piddling transgression!). In other words, SoM believes that these were actual historical events, rather than what impartial biblical scholars — and most of us with sheer bloody common sense — would more realistically see as theological explanations by the priestly caste at that time, and later scribes, to account for the harsh realities of existence.

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    1. Yeah, sounds like a true sucker.

      But even SoM must believe lightning is static electricity, and not bolts of energy from an angry god…?


    2. I had a brief look around on SoM’s site. ,,, Chris, you have more intestinal fortitude than me! I went there one day and within less that 30 seconds, I was GONE!

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