TSA is going video

Hey, everyone. TSA here. I’ve been screwing around with the idea, and the nuts-and-bolts, of putting out videos lately. I have much to learn, and a long way to go, but I dropped my first video last night. You can see it on YouTube here.

Don’t worry, I’ll still keep up with by blogging. Hell, the blogging is where I feel like I’m most likely to really dig into subjects and look at all the facets of religious bullshit. But some people like videos. And for a little while, at least, my videos will be just animated versions of some of my favorite blogs. But that’s just to get it all figured out.

Once I have my video legs under me, I’ll probably use that as a way to discuss current events. Blog for the thoughtful articles, video for the reaction stuff, or so I currently imagine. Everything is subject to change.

Anyway, I know my first go-around is a little amature but feel free to check it out and comment. Thanks, and remember to think for yourself!

The Spartan Atheist

3 thoughts on “TSA is going video

  1. I’ll continue reading the blog. I’m not a fan of watching videos.

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  2. I’m definitely with Neil!

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