I’m right because I’m bad at history.

I’m absolutely astounded by how many times I’ve heard a Christian use this argument. It goes like this. They say something like:

“Well, all I know is nobody else ever died for our sins.”

Me *facepalm*

Me *explains that there were dozens of rising and dying gods, dozens of sacrificed gods, dozens of gods that spent 3 days in hell, dozens of sons of god himself, dozens of miracle workers, and dozens of “prophesy fulfilling” prophets and saviors, numerous deities that died to help humans, lots of gods born on Dec 25th, a bunch of gods that were called “the way, truth, and light”, practically everybody worth their salt was born of a virgin, etc.*

Them *blinking like a deer in the headlights, realizing in that instant that they were taught a lie of history and they have repeated it for years.*

Along with the “I’m right because I’m bad at history” argument is the “I’m right because I’m scientifically illiterate” argument. Then there is the “I don’t really know anything about neuroscience, therefore my magic goo stuff idea must be right.” argument. There is the “I can’t possibly conceive of anyone lying in a situation that benefits them, so it must be real” argument. I really love “I’m right because the bible says so, even though I have never read it and that actually isn’t in the bible.” Oh, and how about this one! “I’m right because stories are never told over time that morph into legend.” If these arguments were any dumber, they would be parody. No, I take that back. They ARE dumb enough to be parody, the problem is these people believe it.

Now, I’m not saying that this “proves” their god is fake. To be clear, I totally blind-sided them with a “gotcha” response that they were wholly unprepared for.

But here’s the deal. Why is my response such a “gotcha” response? Shouldn’t the religious people know the history of their religion, and the culture that bore it, better than I do? Shouldn’t they know their bible better? Shouldn’t they study the arguments that resulted in the creation of their bible? Why are atheists responsible for teaching these schmucks?

Being an atheist apparently means I have to be an expert in theology, biology, cosmology, geology, dozens of literary classics, history, psychology, and sociology. If I am unable to present a PhD level demonstration right there before their eyes, they see it as at least a 50/50 that their stupid idea might be right. There is a fucking prick on YouTube (fuck him, I’m not linking him to give him views) that challenges atheists by asking them if they are “a good atheist”, which he defines as being so well read that they know all the arguments by every mother fucking religious asshole over the course of TWO MILLENNIA, and if not, assumes the atheist doesn’t know what he is talking about.

Meanwhile, the BIBLE is the most under read book in history. The majority of Christians have never actually read it. They don’t know who Thomas Aquinas is. They don’t know about the bears killing the teenagers. They don’t understand the very basics of evolution. They have no idea why Jesus is painted as a white dude, nor have they ever even considered it. They don’t realize that December 25th is never mentioned in the bible. They don’t know what super big deal happened in Nicaea in 325. They don’t understand red-shift, and what that means for cosmological measurements. They don’t even understand the very basics of other religions in the world today, let alone the religions in history. They never even wonder why intelligent people believe in bullshit. They have never studied belief systems in populations. They don’t know anything at all about the people that assembled their bible.

Not only is there a double standard between their expectations of the faithful and atheists, failure to know history or science is actually ENCOURAGED in some denominations. Well, probably most denominations, but I’m just thinking of a few specific examples. Any denomination that declares the bible is the inerrant, perfect word of god is discouraging learning about the history of the bible. This belief absolutely can not be true, since entire books have been added or removed throughout the centuries. This means that for hundreds of years, somebody apparently had the “wrong” books that weren’t the inerrant, perfect word of god. Ooops, that’s history again!

Then there are the denominations that preach young-earth creationism, and keep their kids from going to real schools. Those denominations are scared of education, because, and they are right about this, education helps you realize the bible is bullshit. And let’s not forget “religious education” is a joke, designed for no other reason than to reinforce the mythology.

I have been to church services of numerous denominations all over the country. I did the Sunday school thing where you are taught the bible. But I have never, ever actually seen real learning going on in those environments. Actual knowledge is just…. nonexistent. Biblical scholars know all this stuff, but that never gets passed down to the churches. In the churches, they think the bible was written in English, for fuck sake.

Nobody challenges the pew-filler to know extensive facts and information about dozens of scientific fields. Nobody challenges the offering-plate fillers to dig into the history of the founding of their religion. And do you know what? I think I just explained the problem. As long as you pay, nobody cares how much you know.

You can be stupid and be religious. Nobody cares. Certainly, your preacher doesn’t give a shit. Hell, he is probably as ignorant as you are. So please, for the love of your god, quit telling me the bible is true because you suck at history.

The Spartan Atheist

23 thoughts on “I’m right because I’m bad at history.

  1. Okay TSA, let’s throw out all history, science and religion. In your opinion, what would we talk about?

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    1. Why are we throwing those topics out?

      I suppose we could talk about motorcycles, but I don’t underatand where you are going with this.

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  2. Well, I suppose it’s an experiment to break up our opposing views and learn a bit more about each other. “Motorcycles” works for me- my first thought was “the weather.” (Ho hum.)
    This April I bought a 2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan. It’s a heavyweight so rides much better on the highway than my previous bike (a Yamaha XT 250 Enduro). Feels more secure, and not bad off-road either.
    Then September 13th it stalled and dropped on my ankle. Now I’m laid up. What’s your ride(s)?


    1. Arnold, I appreciate your civility. However, I have very good friends in the real world that I have met in person and can rely on heavily should a need appear.

      And, since I started this blog literally to vent and discuss religion, I’m fine with sticking to the topic. If you have a comment related to the article, feel free. Otherwise, good bye.


  3. All I see is venting. Doesn’t much promote discussion.


    1. Well, I can’t discuss with myself, so the article is the starting point.

      Then, people comment. And you, for example, have now wasted a half dozen comments with no criticism.

      Christian history is just one horrible mashup of plagerism and politics, with none of it granting any legitimacy to the narrative taught or assumed in the churches.

      Do you agree or disagree with that statement?


      1. I agree, we’re a mess. We take the “high road” of politics and apologetics, whereas Christ taught the low and mean way of a servant.


      2. Arnold, you haven’t even established that Jesus Christ was a real person. How can you tell me what he did or said when he was probably an invention of 200 years of mythology rolled together?


      3. I’m not here to establish Christ- that’s his forte. I only tell what little I know about him.


      4. Well, I would say not very much. I encourage you to look into this more.

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      5. One thing dawning on me about Christ- he doesn’t ask anything of me that he didn’t already do. For example, after they took his coat, they took the shirt off his back.


      6. Wow. How absolutely…. unoriginal.

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  4. All this Jesus fetishism I find a bit creepy. Do Christians ever stop to give a thought to the thousands of other people executed by the Romans? Or the tens of thousands of innocent, mostly women demonised for non-existent crimes like “witchcraft”, persecuted and murdered by Christian fanatics in Europe?

    Seriously, Arnold, your fixation on one dead, no-account 1st century Palestinian Jew is unseemly, to put it mildly.

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    1. I understand your stance. Yet according to the Bible he’s alive, and is my life, so it’s a relationship. A ‘born again, born of God, Christ in me’ relationship.


      1. Arnold, I have a long standing sexual relationship with Angelina Jolie, too. She is with me, I am in her.

        Just don’t ask her.

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      2. So, you’re the one she’s been cheating on me with! That hussy!

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      3. @Arnold
        Jesus doesn’t exist, despite what the Bible may say. I don’t believe you have a ‘relationship’, in any real sense of the word, with someone who no longer exists. You may be inspired by the words and deeds attributed to Christ, or feel some sort of ‘spiritual’ connection — whatever that means — with him as a figure, but, like Spartan suggests, to call this a relationship comes across more as self-regarding fantasy when seen from an outsider’s perspective.

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  5. So, what. If he did exist according to us what is your problem? Even if it is imagination according to you there is no loss for you. Right?..

    It’s our spiritual belief. This belief is not going to stop the advancement of modern science.

    This belief is not going to stop people from becoming doctors or scientists. right?.


    1. Wrong. Completely and absolutely wrong. Your argument is “we teach our kids that magic and woo woo is a thing, and that shouldn’t affect their ability to learn reality.”

      That is even dumber than “I’m right because I’m bad at history.”

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  6. Do you mean to say that doctor’s who are also believers of God don’t learn reality of aanatomy and physiology and treat patience?,.


    1. No, I’m saying teaching people that fairies and monsters and magic is a legitimate proposition hinders real education. That makes a society dumber, produce less doctors, and distrust medical science over fairy tales.


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