A Few Bad Eggs?

Hot off the presses this morning is the release of a report by an internal inquiry found the Catholic Church in France abused at least 216,000 children in the past 70 years. It is possible that number could rise over 300,000.

Now, I was a Catholic back in the day, and I remember the “few bad eggs” excuse. Every organization has a few bad eggs, so don’t toss the entire crate. Or, don’t throw the baby out with the bath water, it was said. You see, Catholics back in my day had the excuse that they only heard about one or two bad priests in the entire church. They literally only knew about a few bad eggs.

But it turns out, it wasn’t just a few. Out of about 115,000 priests, there were over 3,000 abusers. That’s two and a half percent. That’s statistically significant! That’s one abuser per 38 priests! That’s a fucking lot! And those are just the ones we know of!

But as if we didn’t know it already, it wasn’t just that there were a lot of pedophile priests. No, the problem is the Catholic Church itself. The Church, by policy, covered up the abuse and moved priests, where they just abused again. If any other organization anywhere hid this much crime, they would be prosecuted out of existence.

But do you think the fucking Pope gives a shit? Fuck no! That piece of shit released this statement:

“His thoughts also turn to the Church in France, and that, in recognising (sic) these terrible events and united by the suffering of the Lord for his most vulnerable children, it can take the path of redemption.”

Yeah. That fucking worthless douchebag still has his eye on the prize. Keep the church going. Keep the church relevant. Keep the church on some dogmatic, above reproach pedestal. Sure, maybe he cares about victims. Maybe he is super sad about the victims. But he won’t dismantle the criminal organization that allowed these abuses. Remember, ANY OTHER ORGANIZATION with this much blood on their hands would be prosecuted and sued OUT OF EXISTENCE!

As it has been said, left to their own devices, good people do good things, and wicked people do wicked things. But to get good people to do wicked things takes religion. This “humble pope”, or the “people’s pope”, or whatever else moniker Francis has acquired still isn’t enough for him to do the right, honorable, good thing. Religion has made him care more about that bloated, criminal organization than people. So fuck him and his church. We should burn it all down.

The Spartan Atheist

4 thoughts on “A Few Bad Eggs?

  1. Although I had a teensy-weensy exposure to the Catholic Church when I was VERY young, thankfully, I left it before it trapped me in its (confessional) cage. 😁

    But seriously, is any of this a surprise? Your post is about the Catholic Church, but it could be about any one of a hundred non-Catholic churches. The number of truly godly pastors are few and far between.

    I have little to no doubt the Evangelical churches would far outnumber any CC priests if the facts were known. The profession as a whole is ripe for such activities but since the participants stand behind a “holy” pulpit,, they get away with it.

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  2. Having grown up in non Catholic churches I agree. In the Christian church in general there are problems with child abuse. Like the Catholic church, nothing is done about it until people get convicted. Otherwise all you hear is sweet sounding words.

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  3. chris schilling October 7, 2021 — 3:55 am

    They’re very, very sorry — sorry they got caught, that is.

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  4. Yes, fuck that church and the rest of them. Sick of hearing about the dirty priests who get away with their hideous crimes. Is this not enough evidence for the faithful idiots that no dammed God exists considering the Christian churches are riddled with paedophile scum.


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