Wrapping Bullshit in a Fancy Wrapper

If you take a piece of actual fecal matter, polish it, wrap it up in your best Christmas wrapping, and call it a wonderful gift, it doesn’t change the fact that it still remains and actual piece of shit. I don’t know of anyone that would be happy if you gave someone a fancy wrapped present, and it turns out to be an actual piece of shit. A polished turd still stinks.

I’m not sure if anyone else has noticed this trend, but there is a pattern in US politics to hide the actual intent of your policy by giving it a fancy, patriotic sounding name. The intent or purpose of the policy is just shit. Shitty, runny, smelly shit. And then, over time, people forget that it is just a pretty wrapper on a really shitty idea, and then they actually advocate for that shit without realizing that they are advocating for shit! It’s kind of genius in a shitty way.

For example, the Texas State Constitution has a phrase about the legislature being charged to “detect
and punish fraud and preserve the purity of the ballot box.” And, sure. Nobody wants elections to be tainted. Nobody wants elections to be fraudulent. But while the new Texas constitution (1876) actually gave black people the right to vote (by then a requirement to be added to the union), the Texas legislature very quickly tried to figure out a way to stop them from voting anyway. So one of the racist assholes came up with using the phrase “purity of the ballot box” to enact all sorts of road blocks to black people voting, including but certainly not limited to the “poll tax.” Some of the laws went so far, that in 1913, then-Governor Colquitt actually vetoed a law because the efforts to prevent black voting had gone so far that he worried that thousands of white people wouldn’t be able to vote either. THAT is some serious suppression right there.

But all along, the racist shit dropping assholes continued to use the phrase “purity of the ballot box” to hide their racist, shit dropping intent. Fast forward to the year 2021, and some young dude who is now in the Texas legislature introduces a bill intended to legislate the “purity of the ballot box“, and is immediately punished by people older and wiser than he. He actually had no idea that the constitutional phrase was the actual mechanism the Texas state legislature had used for almost 100 years to specifically block black and Mexican votes. Yet here he was, using the exact same excuse to basically do the same thing.

But let’s not stop there. These ass monkeys have wrapped all sorts of doo-doo into confectionary candy and sell it as a lollipop.

When you hear a politician bitch about something because we need to get back to “the original intent of the Constitution”, that doesn’t always mean they actually read, or understand, or care about the US Constitution. You hear this phrase constantly being pushed by religious fuck-knobs that insist that the “US was founded on Judeo-Christian beliefs.” WITHOUT SAYING SO, they are actually pushing their religion onto the US government and it’s citizens. By the way, do you know what the “Judeo” side of that equation thinks about you calling it “Judeo-Christian?” They wish you would stop trying to include them in your stupid shit swaddling exercise.

You can always tell when the religious fucks are not actually giving out “free speech” in their gift baggies. I will nod my head to the efforts of The Satanic Temple here, who frequently use the same wrapper and ribbon as the fundamentalist morons to demonstrate that it’s the shit inside that actually counts. For those unfamiliar, The Satanic Temple (TST) has challenged religious privilege, wrapped in the fancy wrapper of “free speech”, by simply submitting their own “free speech” as well. For example, the fundamentalists want a 10 commandments monument at a state capitol building for some free speech yada yada history yada yada crap, the TST came along and used the same law to get their own statue up, citing the same free speech and history and all the rest. Horrified that Satanist would also be allowed to present their religion on Capitol grounds, the fundies realized their gig was up, and the cute present was open for all to see. They were really trying to push their religion on everyone. It was just a bag of shit.

What about “Present all sides of the issue and let the students decide”, also called “teach the controversy”? Wow, that seems like a highly reasonable request. Show the students all the information, give them the evidence, and teach them to think. Quite noble, it would seem. But nope, turns out this is a turd taco as well. It isn’t even about evidence! No, this particular excrement enclosure is designed to smuggle religious teaching into public schools, specifically to introduce the idea that somehow “god-dunnit” as a valid scientific theory alongside evolution. No, one is a scientific theory, and the other is the purely religious, unsupported bovine scatology called creationism. These same morons would go ape-shit crazy if anyone tried to teach the Muslim beliefs in math class, but somehow they think they can shit on the walls of education with their crap.

Let’s face it. If you hear the phrase “States rights” in the year 2021, it’s probably because they want something racist. It has been used both legitimately and as a manure muffle in the past, but in 2021 it’s pretty much just been for racism. It’s also been used to prevent the federal government from outlawing sex trafficking and underage marriages. Seriously. The religious people (despite yelling that Hillary was a sex trafficking, baby eating satanist), actually prevented a law from passing to remove religious exemptions to sex trafficking and underage marriage. I’m not sure who knows this, but some of these inbred, god-stupid morons actually believe that little girls should get married as soon as they have tits so that they don’t accidentally live a life of…. well, live their own life. “States rights” is the paper and ribbon, marrying and fucking a 13 year old girl is the actual policy. States rights are apparently more important than not only the federal government, but the 13 year old girl’s rights as well.

Oh, and what about “Law and order”? Ooooooooh! So responsible sounding! You know, unless the policy is designed to be racist, or to cover up for the misdeeds of other criminals. There have been a lot of politicians that have used this phrase specifically to target certain groups. Everything from the war on drugs to the former Cheeto-in-Chief simultaneously cracking down on black mobs while cheering on white mobs. It’s just an excuse to quell dissention with force and put people in jail for minor offenses.

That’s probably enough examples. Remember, not every policy does what the title says. That may just be a fancy wrapper. Don’t eat what is inside.

The Spartan Atheist

2 thoughts on “Wrapping Bullshit in a Fancy Wrapper

  1. WOW!! Just WOW!

    A real shit-eating post. (Loved it!)

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