A Jury of Your Co-Conspirators

Many of us in the western world take it for granted that we are allowed a jury by our peers in criminal matters. We take it so much for granted that we sometimes forget the processes, built into the jury selection, that ensure the trial is fair. I’m not going to go into this exhaustively, but let’s remember that juries start from a large pool of people that are then challenged by the attorneys. There aren’t a whole lot of hard rules here, but basically you won’t be on a jury if you are pre-disposed to side with one or the other. This could be because you are connected to the case somehow, know the defendant personally, have strong emotional feelings about certain crimes, or even your gender or racial background. Any reason that a lawyer could reasonably conclude that you won’t be fair or impartial. The prosecuting attorney wants someone that is willing to consider possible punishment, and the defense attorney wants someone that is willing to see things from the defendants point of view.

Pretending that the Senate Trial of the rejected President was fair is off the top a non-starter. Of course it wasn’t fair. It was political. Hell, everything the House and Senate does is political. They can pretend all day long that they’re trying to treat it like a fair trial and be impartial jurors, but that just isn’t the case. Exactly ZERO of the Senate “jurors” would have made it past initial screening for a real jury.

But this latest impeachment trial was different for a whole different reason. Not only were the “jurors” not impartial, they were literally co-conspirators in the case. It’s as if a mob boss was on trial, and the jury was his gangsters. No amount of evidence was ever going to get Trump convicted because they were complicit. These supposed “jurors” to the crimes of the twice-impeached President were deciding innocence or guilt based on a crime for which they were accessory. Yes, the Tangerine Tyrant crafted the message and led the charge, but they were his lieutenants. They supported the lies. They proxy whipped up anger. They fed the insurgency what it needed to survive. It was they that provided aid and comfort to the enemy as much as Trump. So of course he was not convicted. A conviction on Trump would be to hold a mirror up to their own support of the insurgency, and none of them are willing to do that.

But despite the non-conviction, Darth Tax Evader will go down in history as the worst President. Seriously, if the guy that tried to stage a coup on his own VP isn’t the worst, then the word “worst” has no meaning. He gave away American security for his own political ambitions, grifted US tax money for himself, and raised an armed insurrection on Congress. Yes, he is the worst ever. He is so bad we’ve had to invent a whole new category just for him. But here is the bad news: It’s going to take a while. Why, you ask? Heh, heh. My regular readers will see this coming.

Religion! That’s why! Cheeto Jesus is worshipped by millions of American’s and 3/4 of the Republican party. They literally said that God had specifically chosen him to be the President. They preach from the pulpit that it is a moral obligation to vote for him. They are invested in this guy! Their entire worldview revolves around him being their Orange Julius Caesar. That is not something that you just shrug off one day. That’s why 43 GOP senators voted not to convict him. They either are true-believers, or they are afraid of the true-believers. A MAGAt admitting that Trump was a criminal and ignorant is akin to the Pope coming out as an atheist. It just isn’t gonna happen overnight.

And speaking of the Pope, it only took the leader of a supposed moral organization FIFTY THREE YEARS to admit that maybe, possibly, in a sense, it might not have been a good idea to support the racist genocide of over 6 million people. So there you go. With a little luck, by 2074 we may see the Christian community sheepishly admit that voting for a lying, cheating, draft dodging, racist, sexist, ignorant, tax evading, angry, and stupid screaming carrot demon might not have been the best way to further their political agenda.

Don’t hold your breath.

The Spartan Atheist

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