New World Order

(And why terrorists stormed the Capitol)

There is a particular bit of stupidity that I’ve become increasingly aware of as of late. It isn’t that I’ve never heard of it, but it’s been floating into my Facebook feed either directly or indirectly with more frequency. It is the idea that there is a subversive plot to consolidate power under a single totalitarian regime, called the New World Order.

But more importantly, it is absolutely stupid conspiracy theories like this that most recently fueled the fire of terrorist mobs to breach the United States Capitol building. And I understand the anger. I understand American citizens who would defy totalitarianism. I too would be grossly enraged if over half of my fellow countrymen and women voted to give up US sovereignty to an oppressive world regime.

The difference between me and that bunch of terrorist assholes, though, is I know it’s all bullshit. Come to think of it, the difference between me and every terrorist ever is that I don’t buy their bullshit. But let’s review the facts, shall we?

While it is true that we don’t actually know the future, it is worth noting that these gullible terrorists said the same thing about President Obama. President Obama was going to radicalize America. Top Republicans called President Obama a “socialist”, AND a “communist.” Obama was called a “muslim”, who planned to destroy Christianity, and in a unique twist was also a “radical Christian” under the spell of his controversial pastor. On Obama’s watch, our great nation will become a second-rate country on a downhill slide. Obama hates white people. The one GOP senator, that today we can rely on today not to suck up to Trump, said Obama was “not a real American.” I’m glad Romney finally figured out what not being a real American was all about, such as inciting terrorism on the US Capitol.

Obama was also, almost as if we would have a reason to call people hypocrites 4 years later, was touted as the would-be dictator that will “refuse to leave office.” Wow, that didn’t age very well….

And, of course, Obama was going to usher in the “New World Order.” Yes, the doomsday machine was in full swing back then. And guess what? After eight years as President, of which his first two he had a friendly House and Senate, NONE of that shit came true. None! Well, except the radicalization. The US did become more radicalized, but it wasn’t his doing. It was the gullible terrorists that stormed the US Capitol building that claimed Biden would do all the same things they said Obama would do…. but didn’t.

These are the same gullible terrorists that think giving billions of tax dollar subsidies to OIL COMPANIES and COAL COMPANIES is perfectly okay and hunky-dory, but shifting some of those subsidies to renewable energy is socialist! The stupid burns. A subsidy is a subsidy, no matter where it is paid. And I’m not going to even bother actually taking a position on this subject here on my page, because I didn’t start this page to talk about politics. Just know that if you think a subsidy for coal and oil is okay, but to solar or wind is a stepping stone to communism, then you are too stupid to vote. They are the same thing.

Eight LONG years of Obama, and when he left office he begged Trump to keep working toward a single, totalitarian, worldwide regime. LOL! Just kidding! Obama actually begged Trump NOT to change the world order! He literally left Trump a letter asking Trump to “sustain the international order“, because upsetting the fruit basket is bad for our safety and the wealth of the country. If you are one of those gullible domestic terrorists, “new” and “sustain” are not the same.

Let’s face it, anybody that said Obama was a communist socialist muslim radical Christian, American and white-people hating man, bent on destroying American exceptionalism and values and making himself dictator, was just plan wrong. Dead wrong.

So that’s a brief history of the last time Biden had any power or authority in government. As Obama’s VP, the end-times crews showed up with the most dire predictions, and they got every single one of those predictions wrong.

And just because I want to make this very clear, I did not support all, or even most, of Obama’s policies. I am not here to support his policies. I’m NOT EVEN TALKING ABOUT HIS POLICIES. I’m talking about facts vs made up bullshit. You see, if you don’t like a politician because you believe in some stupid-ass conspiracy theory, instead of because of their policy positions and actions, then you are just a stupid, lazy fuck that hasn’t done the work. You haven’t bothered looking at the actual data. And if you actually believe that some politicians are secretly lizard people in disguise? No tinfoil hat will ever be big enough for you, my gullible, gullible friend.

So yes, the failed prophesy of “new world order” has failed multiple times, yet the belief persists. Why, you ask? A fine question, dear reader. Religion.

Yes, the myth of the “new world order” comes primarily from the extreme anti-government right, and the anti-thinking religious right. This should come as no surprise to anyone that is familiar with the various brands of religious stupidity out there, but yes, these Christians believe the apocalypse is coming. Yes, Obama was also called “the anti-Christ“, just in case you aren’t sure it was the religious fuckwads making all that shit up.

If you are the kind of person that believes that a talking snake convinced a woman to eat a fruit, and in doing so doomed all of humanity unless you cannibalize a 2000 year old Jewish zombie, then I suppose lizard people and decades of failed predictions won’t phase you. No, if you think that a “forgiving god” is completely unable to forgive unless somebody gets murdered first, then you are probably pre-disposed to being a terrorist fuckwad. If you believe that a man that goes to church “religiously” (pun intended) hates god, but a man that is so confused by the bible that he holds it all weird and only for photo-ops is your champion, then you can probably believe that a human being is actually a lizard in disguise.

Basically, if you are gullible enough to be religious, you already have the gullibility it takes to believe that storming the US Capitol as they literally count constitutionally mandated votes will save the constitution. Add in the right mix of conspiracy, and congratulations, you too can be Y’all Qaida.

I am fucking pissed that these terrorist MAGAts would do such a thing. It makes me deeply sad and offended to know that being an American no longer carries a sense of order and knowledge in the world. But I wasn’t surprised. It is where religious thinking leads.

The Spartan Atheist

14 thoughts on “New World Order

  1. Well put. No, I take that back. VERY well put!!

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  2. I agree with Nan. This world order BS is regurgitated shit that I first heard about in the 60’s but has been around even longer than that. It is just that we now have far more idiots and much more media to push this rubbish into our faces. I say none of these terrorists should do less than a 5 year prison sentence and their most stupid leader at least 50.

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    1. So BS comes back in cycles? Great…..

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      1. No it never really goes away. The fundamental kernel of the Q conspiracy is a slightly reworded version of The Protocols Of The Elders of Zion from the late 1800’s which were largely retellings of centuries of antisemitic blood libel that fuelled pogroms over and over and over again.

        Somewhere in the piles of electronic detritus that I’ve accumulated are some obscure conspiracy theories that were originally passed around as mimeographed samizdat about Howard Hughes fighting a cabal of one-world-government cultists poisoning people with ‘apple pie’ (some poison that allegedly smells like that.) There are clear elements in those that are echoed in the Q stuff today. The bit about “adrenochrome” is lifted entire from Hunter S. Thompson’s “Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas”, and he got it from drug culture urban legend.

        This is made worse by the Borg-like behavior of the Q movement. It has consistently absorbed more and more bits and pieces of other conspiracies to bolster it’s own central thesis, each assimilation brings a fresh batch of followers into the fold.

        And yes it’s been entirely enabled by the Internet and the horrific consequences of the algorithms of Youtube and Facebook that steer people to “engagement” by reinforcing what they see by what they’ve watched without any regard whatsoever as to the social and psychological consequences of what they were doing. It was just a way of getting more clicks and eyeballs to generate more $$$, but they built a near perfect radicalization machine.

        “Your scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn’t stop to think if they should. ” Jurassic Park.

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  3. Isn’t religion where racism spawned from?! Religion is about having “lambs” which follow because a bad idea from one person is irrelevante, but a bad idea from many is relevante.
    But again, an atheist believes in oneself as God like. As a Pantheist believes in all are God like. Just to say, say to just!

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  4. I’m an older fart and have been reliably “progressive” since neoliberal/conservative politics have been on the scene. I know there’s always been an extreme authoritarian current that’s been a part of this country for far longer but in my time, the threat of it exploding has always seemed ever present since the 80’s. Starting with Reagan and escalating during Newt Gingrich’s majority leader tenure the willful right wing tractor pull towards authoritarianism has never been countered by the weak spined left. IMO the main reason for this is right wing conservative media that has had a near monopoly of empty heads to fill in the south and midwest. I’m not sure we can get past our differences at this point. There’s too much delusional dangerous willful ignorance supported by a steady stream of online unhinged liars posing as truth. I can imagine a regional fracturing of this country into self governing multi-state coalitions and a weak federal government. I’m a sunshine and lemonade kind of guy so I hope this doesn’t happen or something similar but I don’t see any light in this tunnel.

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    1. Thanks for your comments, Ji. I guess I’m more hopeful, but it has to start with leaders willing to be honest with the people. Leaders that “go along” with conspiracy theories for some political calculation are not leaders. They are self-serving assholes and deserve removal.

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      1. I agree, if we do not elect high quality leaders in our democratic countries and we have more violence due to conspiracies sparking up the crazy idiots eventually the internet media will be seriously regulated such as blanket bans and massive fines way beyond todays regulations and restricted like the allowable comments for printed newspapers back a few decades when daily life was less political and we were more respectful of each other. To much to ask?…..probably.

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      2. Eh, John Adams had it printed that Thomas Jefferson was dead, so don’t vote for him. So I never buy that politics was cleaner back at any time. However, every other president respected the Constitution, and never dared to cross that line. This is where Agolf Twittler stands out and exposed how fragile and unprotected our government really is.

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  5. Reblogged this on Scotties Toy Box and commented:
    Hello Spartan Atheist. Thank you for this well written essay. I enjoyed reading it. Hugs

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  6. Excellent piece! Oh, except you failed to mention that Obama was both a deeply religious Muslim and a staunch atheist at the SAME TIME!!! Ah, the absolute idiocy of so, so many people!

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    1. Lol! Oh, I forgot that! What would I do without you.

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