Century 01

I’m certainly not the first person to point out how ridiculous Bible God is, going around acting as a divine realtor. Realty and fashion, apparently, are hobbies of God’s. He gets really damned specific about them both. Strangely specific.

In the bible, god just tells some people that he is going to give them some land, and screw the people that are there. Kill them, rape them, burn their animals and crops, take them as slaves. He doesn’t really care, women are just objects anyway. But the land! Gotta make sure the land is divided up correctly!

Good plan……

Okay, not at all. Very, very, very stupid plan. But what would Bible God be if he weren’t a bumbling idiot? And he bumbled this as well. He told the Jews that they are the rightful owners of a chunk of land. And I suppose that would be all well and good, except he later told the Christians and the Muslims the same thing. No wonder everyone is pissed.

So three competing bids, and god took them all. In the real world, AND in the bible, this is called fraud. He took the money and ran, never to be seen or heard from again. And so these three groups are literally at war with each other, shooting and killing each other, and bombing schools and children over this otherwise innocuous piece of real estate. Jerusalem has been completely destroyed twice in it’s history, and captured or recaptured 44 times. The list of wars, bombings, conflict and sieges is nauseatingly long.

In the real world, a realtor that sold a house to two or three people would have a lawsuit on their hands. Both parties would be going after them for everything they could. But nobody seems pissed at god for pulling this bait-and-switch. Why is that? Simply put, they don’t believe the claims of the other side. And frankly, their claims are pretty easy to discount. I mean, god didn’t send out surveyors to determine the legal borders and then draw up and sign a title. No, he whispered his instructions into somebody’s ear, and that person then told someone else, who then told someone else, who then wrote it down. Hardly legally binding.

And yes, I’m accusing Torah/bible/koran god of not adhering to modern standards of property transfer. And I CAN do that, because this god is supposed to be timeless. He is supposed to be all-knowing. If he weren’t such a dick, he would have made it clear and legal as to who owns the property, and what the boundaries were in any age. It is the least he could do. It would have saved hundreds of thousands of lives.

Lucky for us, it is these dumb text of unknown authorship from thousands of years ago that lets us know that it is all bullshit. God didn’t give land to anybody. God can’t give land to anybody, because he is fake. Made up. A fairy tale.

PEOPLE wrote things that god supposedly said to motivate other people to fight to their very death in order to assume power. That’s it. To quote the Roman statesman Lucius Annaeus Seneca, “Religion is regarded by the common people as true, by the wise as false, and by the rulers as useful.” Someone in power promoted the religion because it benefited them in their struggle to remain in power. And long after the person that wrote it is dead, the religious still go on fighting the meaningless battle.

Nothing has changed today. The common people still think their religion is true, and the wise have seen through the facade. But the ruling class use it to motivate the people that keep them in power. Do you think the Republican party actually cares about abortion? Hell no. ALL of the Republican leaders in the early 80’s were pro-choice. But then Reagan decided it would be politically advantageous to wrap all the religious folk under his party to maintain power. They could care less about the issue, but by promoting it they are able to stay in power. This single issue, supposedly an edict from God himself (although notably absent from the religious texts), has enslaved the religious minds of our country. They are forever indebted to voting Republican, no matter how horrible, ignorant, racist, self-serving, immoral, petty, or detrimental to a free democracy that candidate is. (Yes, I mean Trump.)

Since then, as in any ingrouping, these religious voters long ago took on the propaganda of other issues of their chosen voter block. Abortion yes, and then “sure” with everything else. Without a minute of critical thinking, they accept the policies of the group based on superficial reasoning, and then spend years defending that position with the same flawed reasoning. Trump voters aren’t any more stupid than the Israeli’s or Palestinians fighting over a bit of land they have no legal claim over. But they have hitched their wagon to this “real estate”, and have since extended the war past the leader that used them.

If you’re a religious person reading this, you really need to understand this fact. Your religion isn’t real, it is how you are being used for someone else’s political career. Possibly the career of someone that is already dead.

The Spartan Atheist

5 thoughts on “Century 01

  1. chris schilling August 29, 2020 — 7:20 pm

    The quote from Seneca alone is worth more than anything you might find in the Gospels.

    No wonder Christian evangelicals are always demonizing the classical pagans (among others), and holding their holy book up as if it was the ultimate repository of wisdom.

    They can’t stand the competition.

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    1. Indeed! Blasphemy laws are there to protect bad ideas, that’s all.

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      1. Imagine condemning someone for, essentially, a non-existent crime! How Kafkaesque.

        But are blasphemy laws still on the statute books, in the US for example, and can they actually be enforced?


      2. I checked into that once, and although I don’t remember for sure basically the answer in the US is no, no such laws exist or are enforced or even could be enforced.

        In the US, it usually takes on the understanding of “disrespect.” Pointing out someones religious views are fake is considered being disrespectful. So not illegal, but certainly placed in a social norm of not an appropriate conversation.

        In other parts of the world, there are definitely such laws on the books and very much enforced.

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  2. Your point still stands, though — that the laws are there to protect bad ideas; deter criticism; punish heresy; blah blah — no matter where theocratic has gained power.

    Pakistan and parts of the Middle-East, as well as perhaps Indonesia spring to mind.

    And Christian and Muslim zealots in the Western world probably long to see those laws reinstated. I know sections of the Christian alt-right do.

    Damn them.

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