GOP Jesus

Ran across this and loved it. Share it far and wide.

GOP Jesus

The Spartan Atheist


6 thoughts on “GOP Jesus

  1. It’s funny, but it’s also really really scary. if the gun toting cherry picking xtians get ahold of this, we are in a great deal of trouble. After all, they pick out the good stuff from the Bible, why not this?

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    1. Naw, I don’t think this video has ammunition for them, it is showing them how stupid their voting is compared to their supposed beliefs.


      1. They believe the Bible, right? They believe in the loving skygod who kills on a whim, right? They believe that angels really sing in heaven, and that if they die they’ll probably to to hell. Why should this be any different?

        Or maybe I just had an extra dose of cynic juice with my cereal this morning…

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  2. Was laughing while I watched the video
    It shows how many christians have cherry picked the bible away

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  3. I love a giggle at satire’s truths and being free to do so.
    Having a sense of the ridiculous says a lot about someone’s mental health.
    Sibyl X


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