I wonder how many Christians have been following the recent Brett Kavanaugh media debacle and thought to themselves “Well, since he didn’t rape that woman, we will never know if he would do the right thing by giving her father $50 and marrying her.”

I doubt they have, though, because the bible is stupid, and Christians don’t follow it.

For those elsewhere in the world or just not up on current events, President Trump has nominated Brett Kavanaugh as his pick for the next US Supreme Court Justice. This position is only held by 9 individuals (at a time), has life tenure, and is the highest office of the third branch of our government- the judicial branch.

But, it is alleged that when Brett was a youngster, he tried raping a girl. Since he is about to hold this highest judgeship, some people would like to know if this is true.

Your friendly Spartan Atheist is not here to pass a sentence of guilt or innocence on this man. However, it does afford an interesting opportunity to note just how full of shit Christians are when they claim to “follow the bible.”

Just imagine for a minute a confirmation hearing where the judge actually followed the bible.  Just what would our laws look like?

Murder: One witness is never enough. It must be two or more. Nobody cares about evidence.

Murder in the country: the elders of the nearest town must take a young heifer down to an unplowed valley and break it’s neck.

Wills: you must will your property to your oldest son, even if he is the son of the wife you don’t like, and you like a different one of your wives more.

Capitol punishment: you aren’t allowed to leave the corpse of a criminal on a post overnight. Hanging them on a pole in the middle of town is otherwise okay.

Alcoholism: Parents will take their gluttonous or drunkard children to the elders and declare it, and then everyone grabs a huge rock and beats the living f**k outta the guy until he’s dead.

Marriage: if the woman turns out to not be a virgin, beat the living f**k out of her with rocks.

Now, I can hear the stupid apologists already. “The new testament changed the old testament”. Only this excuse is bullshit. And it only takes one question to demonstrate that: Are the 10 commandments new or old testament?

Yes, the real answer is the new testament only ever says that certain rituals are no longer required. But the law remains. In modern Christianity, this translates to ignoring all the stuff that they know is stupid, and pretending that it no longer applies.

The 21st amendment to the constitution repealed the prohibition of alcohol, but nobody goes around saying that it repealed the office of the President. Yet this is just how stupid their argument is.  If the Ten Commandments are the foundation of our country, then the bit about killing a cow if someone gets murdered should also make the short list.

And let’s not forget, there’s an entire book of the bible called- you guessed it- JUDGES!  Any chance any Christians spend any time whatsoever actually reading this?

I flip through my highlighted and margin-noted bible now to recap the Book of Judges for you: God sets up leaders and then kills them or other people randomly based on if they have rocks in a pile or not.  Also, the people in this story must be exceedingly dumb and suffer from short-term memory all.  Also, god repeatedly picks fights, even specifically sending magic to get people pissed off at each other.  He made bets with people that resulted in them killing people.  See Jephthah.  He rewarded a guy for killing his brothers.  He fucked a guy over, sentencing him to imprisonment and misery, for getting a haircut.  He burned a city to the ground that was quiet and secure because they had the wrong statue.  A gang-raped woman was sentenced to being cut up into 12 pieces and those pieces sent all over the country.

But most important, you should note, is the main theme of Judges: Shit was completely fucked up beyond all belief because the people didn’t want a King.  You see, god HATES people that think reasonably.  God LOVES people that mindlessly grovel.  THAT is the message of Judges.  That is the entire purpose of the whole story of bullshit and killing and war and subversion and distrust.  Groveling is good, thinking is bad.  Period.

So maybe the Christians are following the bible after all.  Given that so many have vehemently come to his defense, despite knowing absolutely nothing other than his appointment was by Trump, I think it’s possible they already are in the habit of not thinking.  But worse, they are now attempting to place non-thought in a position of power.  I can think of nothing more bible-god-like than being a complete asshole and passing judgement on people based on if you like them or not, after all.

They bow to the most vile character in all mythology, insist that their groveling be the standard of all, and still manage to be total hypocrites themselves.

But fuck them. I would rather be judged by nine intelligent, reasonable, questioning people than lower my head to the power of a vindictive, petty, unhinged god.

The Spartan Atheist


35 thoughts on “Judges

  1. The hypocrisy can be head-spinning.

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    1. Really? What hypocrisy? 🙂

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  2. I, a gay man in a same sex relationship of over 28 years, refuse to ever let these fundamentalist christian supporters of tRump ever have the moral high ground and will never accept them lecturing me or any others on morals with what they have shown themselves to give a pass to tRump on. Hugs

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      1. But don’t you get as disgusted by Franklin Graham’s defense of everything tRump does? Tony Perkins says he gets a pass on adultery and extra martial sex. While they scream that the rest of us having extra marital sex are causing god to destroy the nation. I could mention everyone from Bryan Fischer to Ralph Reed who lectured on the horrible morals of the rest of us mortals, and even accuse females of being sinful whores if they even dress in shorts and think priest / alter boy sex is OK but not two consenting adults of any gender because that angers god and he will flood the bible belt. These people made a living from the 1980’s claiming they had the word from God on high about how to live a moral life… until tRump comes along and promises them religious freedom laws that will make it so they can freely discriminate against the hated the gays, and judges that will vote based on religion…Then morals don’t mean a damn thing. Praise the money and pass the god. Hugs

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      2. Yeah, it is the highest bunch of hypocritical shit. The less people cling to this religion shit, the more loving couples of any gender will be able to be themselves.

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      3. Thank you, and thank you for having our back. The country needs more civilized understanding folk these days. Best wishes. Hugs

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      4. I am a lesbian trapped in a mans body. And I have your back as well.

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  3. Wow I haven’t read this book in a while. yet somehow I forgot how brutal it was! You know, a lot of news from America gets lugged down these ways, but I have been willingly ignoring it. I’ll be happier if the conservatives don’t win next election time, not that it affects me too much. As for you Americans? I feel sorry for you right now.

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    1. I try to ignore it, and I live here. It can be depressing but I choose to live my life in a better mood.

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  4. They’re in an impossible situation, aren’t they, fundies? And they put themselves there, so the irony is doubly satisfying.

    On the one hand, they pride themselves on their slavish adherence to biblical “truth”; on the other, they’re forced to concede change through secular progress, and ignore all the passages from their book that are patently outdated, and inhumane. They handwave all that away by citing “historical context.” What context? It’s supposed to be the word of their god, for Christ’s sake!

    They can’t admit that morality, like everything else, simply evolves, because…well, “evolves”, that opens up a real Pandora’s box, doesn’t it?

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    1. And it is still evolving. They’ve spent the last hundred years adapting to the fact that Western society no longer thinks its OK to treat women as a servile class, and now that they’ve more or less handled that one, society turns around and decides that gays are OK as well, so now they’ve got something else to adjust to. Very frustrating.

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      1. There’s probably never been a worse time to be a Christian fundamentalist. And never a better time to watch its slow demise in the West, or at least its diminishing power and hold. But nature abhors a vacuum, and all that, and it’s a bit disheartening to think theocratic Islam might step in to fill the breach.

        Fundamentalism and moderate theism are both almost equally untenable, I think. The fundies for obvious reasons, because they just tend to alienate free-thinking folks; and the moderates simply avail themselves of the benefits of secular values, while still trying to retain the rituals and core doctrines of religion. They sort of know it’s myth-based, or to be understood metaphorically, but they can’t quite let it go, all the same.

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      2. But nature abhors a vacuum, and all that, and it’s a bit disheartening to think theocratic Islam might step in to fill the breach.

        “Nature abhors a vacuum” is just a metaphor. There’s no sign of the secularization process going into reverse as if something else needed to step in to replace a receding religion. When you’ve had the flu for a long time and it finally starts to go away, nobody wonders what you’re going to replace it with.

        There’s considerable evidence that Muslims both in Europe and in the Middle East are also secularizing and in some cases abandoning religion entirely, although for them it’s much more difficult to be public about it, for obvious reasons. The mullahs and imams can’t stop the flow of modern ideas via the internet. The Middle East is a few decades behind the US in moving away from religion, as the US is a few decades behind Europe, but it’s the same overall process.

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    2. Indeed. ANY line of serious questioning opens up their theology for ridicule. That’s why they fight even answering simple questions.

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    3. I still don’t understand how apologists use “You are taking things out of context” as an answer to objections raised against the bible

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  5. Very true, I have always thought that if we had laws that allowed religious nutjobs to live exactly as the Bible dictates they would be no different from the terrorist groups like ISIS. For example, a group of maniacs with large stones would smash your head in for washing your car on sabbath Sunday…or even Saturday because evidently the Christians have different ideas of what is the seventh day between different cults just as they do with everything else from those books of miserable shit.

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    1. Maybe we could get the Sunday-Sabbath nutballs and the Saturday-Sabbath nutballs to smash each others’ heads in and leave the rest of us in peace. I’ve often wished we could put Dâ’ish (ISIL) and the American God-hates-fags fundies and the Saudis and the Hindu nationalists and the Catholic hierarchy and the rest of the God-freaks on a big island somewhere so they could all fight it out and the rest of us wouldn’t need to bother with them any more.

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  6. The Bible and most religious books preach that groveling is good and thinking is bad because they were written by the caste of people to whom (or to whose imaginary figurehead) everyone else was supposed to grovel. They’re manuals written by the Man Behind the Curtain to instruct people on proper reverence for Oz the Great and Terrible.

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  7. I agree that religion being used to cover up immoral disgusting behavior is wrong! NO authority should EVER be so great it cannot be questioned, challenged and held to a higher moral standard! No matter how “sacred” and ancient it may be! What would a 1st century Jewish rabbi do within the cultural context of 21st century America? 😉 is what they’re really asking!!!

    That said, I think Kavanaugh should not be crucified until PROVEN guilty! The stories are not black and white solid, nor the witnesses for the allegations being put upon him. There’s an FBI investigation, let’s all hold our horses until the verdict is officially out before jumping to condemn a man on allegations alone. If we are wrong about his guilt, 3, not just 1 injustice is done:
    The victims find no real closure
    An innocent man gets punished
    The REAL perpetrator(s) walk free!

    No matter how strong we feel, how horrific these allegations are, we must hold this country to due process in a court of law, not the court of popular opinion!

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    1. I don’t think he’ll be “punished”, he just won’t get the job. I understand that can be emotional, but the rest of us face that occurrence regularly.

      I’m not judging Kavanaugh, but rather than push a questionable candidate, why doesn’t the GOP just get someone else? They have a list of like 20 people. Why are they falling on their swords over this guy?

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      1. Because Trump doesn’t want just any old conservative, he wants somebody who will be a guaranteed vote for the concept that the president is above the law.

        For the rest of the Republicans, they know the slobbering Deliverance mutants who make up the majority of their voting base care about “owning the libs” more than anything else. They’re afraid to be seen as backing down, especially just a month before an election.

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  8. @Infidel753

    I hope you’re right about Muslim secularization. I had the impression, rather, that many migrate to the West for the benefits of general Western prosperity– all the materialistic goodies and techno gadgets that they want to avail themselves of, too– but, at the same time, are keen to flaunt their cultural identity, and hold themselves aloof from what they perceive as decadent, “spiritually bereft” secular values; and promote Islam as the superior ideology.

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    1. Yeah, but that is already a concession, even if unwittingly, that their religion doesn’t offer EVERYTHING. Most US christians spew the same shit from their mouth, but in practice send kids to school, use banks, see doctors, and rely on science.

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    2. Most Muslim migrants to Europe came for economic reasons, but nevertheless they and their descendants (much of the Muslim or ex-Muslim population in Europe now is second- or third-generation) are assimilating to varying degrees. As with Christians in the US, the hard-core one who don’t assimilate are the most fanatical troublemakers, and that’s what you tend to hear about on the news, but birth rates, self-identification, and other indicators show that the bulk of the Muslim population in Europe is being “digested” by the host countries. I posted about this here. On the Middle East itself, see here.

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      1. Is there some reason the hyperlinks didn’t appear in the comment?


      2. If I knew the answer to that, I’d be the LAVISH atheist. Lol!


    3. OK, here’s the first link I was posting in reply to ChrisS:


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      1. Thanks for that.


  9. I don’t know why, but, idiotically, I’m gonna roll up my pants and wade in.
    I can’t really speak for God, but you guys show me what a world of living in direct opposition to him would be like. And, I guess he knew it would come to this when he let you choose your way…Him or not Him. Anyway, in this same old testament, He did promise that he would (if you wanted Him to) replace that heart of stone with a heart of flesh, and your desire to defy Him would change into a love for Him and a desire to please Him. It’s impossible to please Him on your own, by your own efforts, but He even offered a solution to that.
    Of course, though, if you hate the idea…well…heart of stone.
    But you get to choose…weird, huh?


  10. One of the problems, Randy, is that theists do claim to speak for their god, based on their interpretation of their respective “holy” book. Since no-one has had any empirical experience of their god, the claim is automatically suspect. No-one, if they’re truly honest “knows” the first thing about god(s), and quoting scripture is of little avail, since the scriptures are clearly, and often demonstrably, man-made.

    You seem to prefer preaching rather than thinking for yourself. We’re just as familiar with the mythology as you are, and we simply don’t buy it for purely rational, non-evidential reasons.

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