Spreading Stupidity

It should come to no surprise to my regular readers that religious efforts to make our children dumber is the reason I decided to become vocal about my atheism.  Therefore, I feel obligated to discuss one of the leading idiots (apologists) in the world.  Yes, the Banana Man himself, Ray Comfort.

You see, I came across this interesting item in a shop yesterday.  It kind of looks like money, but with the picture of Charles Darwin on the front.  On the back, it has two viewpoints- creationism and evolution- with the header “Win $10,000 for Scientific Proof of Evolution.”  Here it is:

I have to give this thing credit, the brief argument for evolution on the right side of the back is unobjectionable as far as I can tell.  It even gives a source- evolution.berkeley.edu.  I can honestly say I think this passage was copied and pasted with no editorial slant.  Well, never one to turn down free money, I accept!  Here it is, scientific proof of evolution:


Can I get my $10,000 now?

Well, to get my $10,000, the fake money instructs me to go to this website: http://www.IntelligentDesignVersusEvolution.com.  Only too happy to get a free $10,000, I go to the website. (I sound chipper, but if you didn’t catch it, sarcasm.)  The website redirects to “Living Waters”, AKA Ray Comfort and crew.  Don’t bother clicking on the link, I already did and clicked on every single tab and link on that page.  No mention of the prize.  Maybe it has already been claimed?  Maybe the contest is over?

I started looking into this by googling around and found a YouTube channel that makes fun of the contest.  Even in 2011, although the website was up, the email address was already worthless.  Here’s the link to the video, you can read the description.  Since I didn’t get to see the actual contest website, I have to take the word of AtheismTV here when they say that the contest would only accept “live” transitional forms.

On the website internationalskeptics.com, I found some additional information that used to be on the now defunct website:

The $10,000 Offer

A transitional form (or missing link) is an example of one species “evolving” into another species. Excited scientists thought they had found one when they discovered “Archaeopteryx.” The fossil led to the theory that the dinosaurs did not become extinct, but rather all turned into birds. The Field Museum in Chicago displayed what was believed to be an archaeopteryx fossil on October 4-19, 1997. It was hailed as “Archaeopteryx: The Bird That Rocked the World.” However, Dr. Alan Feduccia (evolutionary biologist at the University of North Carolina), said, “Paleontologists have tried to turn Archaeopteryx into an earth-bound, feathered dinosaur. But it’s not. It is a bird, a perching bird. And no amount of ‘paleo-babble’ is going to change that.” [Science, February 5, 1993]. So here’s my challenge: I will give $10,000 to the first person who can prove to me that they have found a genuine living transitional form (a lizard that produced a bird, or a dog that produced kittens, or a sheep that produced a chicken, or even as Archaeopteryx—a dinosaur that produced a bird). Species do not cross, no matter how long you leave them. The whole of creation is proof that evolution is truly “a fairytale for grownups.”

Ray Comfort.

What. The. Fuck.

Seriously, if a lizard produced a bird tomorrow, the entire biological community would be shocked, and would have to question the veracity of evolution in it’s entirety.  If a dog bore a kitten, evolution would fall apart.  If a sheep produced a chicken, we would have to scratch everything we know about biology completely.

Ray motherfucking Comfort designed a contest that claimed to ask for one thing, but required another impossible thing, and didn’t even have the balls to have a working email address.  Ray Comfort is a piece of shit.  Ray Comfort is a worthless, lying, asshole, and he knows it.  If he didn’t know it, he wouldn’t have been so careful to craft the contest in just such a way.

Shit bags like this are the ones that are trying to shove “intelligent design” into our classrooms.  If Ray Comfort weren’t such a dumbass (see the bananaman incident), I would accuse him of being a foreign subversive attempting to take down western civilization by making our kids dumbasses.  Yet THIS is the very fuck-tard that has his words parroted in the Christian communities all over this country and the west on any given Sunday.

Make no mistake about it.  If Ray Comfort didn’t know any better, he wouldn’t have constructed the contest in such a way to conveniently sound just like he was being honest, but at the same time literally demanding something that nobody thinks is possible, most especially scientists.  Fuck Ray Comfort.

And now, despite his prize being completely fake, his promotion of the prize nothing but a promotional tool, and his mechanism for accepting submissions nothing but a dead end from the start, this bullshit is still on the counter of a business on Main Street, USA just yesterday.  And he’s banking on the fact that no religiotard will actually check to see if it’s real.  Instead, they will flip back and forth quickly, assume that if someone is putting up a prize that there must be no scientific evidence, and cash that away in their “stupid arguments in defense of their religion” file.

Fuck you, Ray Comfort.  You wish to make our children dumber.  I won’t have it.  I have a voice.

The Spartan Atheist

41 thoughts on “Spreading Stupidity

  1. Lol this takes me back. About 8 years ago when I was still Christian I went to this Bible study which went through episodes of ‘Way of the Master’ by Ray and Kirk Cameron. The whole premise revolved around them doing street evangelism and basically trying to guilt people into accepting Christ as their savior. They were big fans of the whole guilt and condemnation aspects of Christianity. One of my flatmates had those fake ten thousand dollar bills which he’d give out to people while street evangelizing. Eventually I moved out because of that guy. Not because he was Christian, but because he was a real bigoted douche-nozzle.

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    1. Lol! Douche nozzle and evangelism go hand in hand.

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      1. Ray Comfort is quite the douche nozzle on his Facebook page too. Every time someone criticizes what he says or tries to argue with him he blocks them for ‘libel’. It’s his favourite word!

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  2. Well, the zealous believer refuses to see actual scientific evidence, not for the sake of finding out the actual facts, like they claim, no, it’s about holding on to their emotional security blanket and protect the ego, to use Freud’s theory! After all, if you were raised to believe that belief was your entire life’s purpose, to serve God, and glorify Him, and you had no purpose in life outside of that, then what’s left of your life if it’s taken away? Taking away their faith strips them of their entire identity, as well as comforting worldview! I say that is still no excuse, I mean, facts are facts, and don’t change because you on’t like the implications! However, I am trying my shot at understanding the heavy resistance and childish “LALALALA….!!!” attitude of theirs! Frustrating, but a bit more tolerable when you understand what REALLY is behind it! As for evolution, they just don’t like the idea they’re just like EVERYONE ELSE in the biosphere that evolved and has instinctual behavior patterns guided by neuroscience and natural selection, not absolute free will, and not “special” made on some exalted pedestal, as it hurts their ego…

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    1. You raise a very good point there. If you have been committed to Christianity your entire life, the possibility you might be wrong is pretty daunting, so it’s easier to just ignore it. I did that for several years, but after a while my desire to be authentic and know the truth ate at me, such that the daunting possibility of being wrong didn’t feel so daunting anymore; in fact it was welcoming.

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      1. For me, I was very fortunate to be raised non-religiously, even though my parents were protestant, but non-practicing outwardly, i.e. no church or Sunday school or prayers! hat helped a ton, and I decided I was secular since 3rd grade! Before, I was too young to truly think about it, and I have no memory of an explicit belief in God. However, I absorbed much of Judaeo-Christian culture from the outside world, and feared for a bit about going to hell for disbelief, “just in case”. I struggled with reconciling my non-belief to a religious society for a while, but by the time I got into 7th, 8th grade and high school up to now I felt free to decide to go all the way 🙂 Religion was never truly part of my identity, but I can understand for the believer taught it is his/her ONLY purpose!

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      2. Growing up with no church sounds like a sweet deal to me!

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  3. So, what do you get when you cross a California kiwi with a piece of shit?

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      1. Just by mere coincidence, Ray Comfort is from New Zealand and lives in California. I don’t know what I was thinking.

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    1. Being a kiwi myself I wouldn’t mind if Ray forfeited his kiwi citizenship.

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      1. I bet your proud. Hah! Is he popular there amongst the believer types? A local legend?

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      2. When I was growing up I didn’t hear anything about him, it wasn’t until I joined this brethren style church and flatted with the douche nozzle mentioned previously. I think that even with many Christians here he is probably unpopular, except for a few denominations.

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    2. Q: What do you get when you cross a banana with a lizard?

      A: Just a very cross lizard. But it would be fun watching Ray Comfort try it.

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  4. I lived in NZ for close to 50 years before going to Australia and he would have left NZ because NZ people do not suffer such idiots, but he does seem to be accepted by Americans. Sorry I do not want to be rude but that’s life…. just don’t send him back, it is too close to Australia.

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    1. Yeah, we seem to attract idiots and liars. Have you heard about our President?

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    2. American religion is the epitome of gullibility. They actually send his types money. The mega churches and TBN even have their own phone apps where you can request prayers and send money. You’d think it was a joke if it was funny at all, but the punch line never comes.

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  5. Well, that’s a new breakthrough in religious logic. Declare that the only acceptable evidence for evolution is something that evolution doesn’t predict and which in fact would be completely inconsistent with it.

    Is it any wonder that scientists mostly ignore these people? They don’t bother to learn even the most basic details of what they’re claiming to refute, even though such information is easily available.

    Given that this contest is pretty old, I suspect that it may have, er, “evolved” under the influence of environmental stresses. Having offered the reward, Banana Man discovered that people could indeed provide evidence, so he had to change the criteria for what he would accept until he finally arrived at something no one could provide. Rather like a prey insect evolving to become more and more bad-tasting until nothing can eat it.

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  6. Six degrees of stupidity:

    Comfort is a synonym for “succor”, which sounds exactly the same as “sucker”, which pretty much sums up the sort of twerp who falls for a conman like Banana Man. I don’t want to pursue the chain too far, lest I be sucked into the Vortex of Imbecility that goes under the more common name of Creationism.

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  7. Ray Comfort. Never heard of this guy, but, now that you’ve introduced me, I’m gonna look him up and make fun of him on my blog. Perhaps I’ll even eat him for my Christmas meal this year, me being an atheist cannibal and all.

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    1. Yeah, look up “Ray Comfort banana man” for a good laugh.

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      1. Will do. I think I know who he is now that you mention that.

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      2. Yep. I’ve seen that video before. What an idiot!

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      3. Worst part is, since he was so utterly destroyed for that, he’s now explaining that he meant it as a joke. No, Ray, you ARE a joke.

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      4. Oh, b.s.! He did NOT mean that as a joke. He thought he was being devastatingly clever. What a jerk. Now that he’s being mocked, he tries to change the story.

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      5. Yeah, exactly. It’s PAINFUL watching him make excuses.

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  8. By the way, in Darwin’s native Britain, his picture actually is featured on the £10 note. Newton was on the £1 note, back when they still had them. We’ll know our own country has finally beaten off the disease of religion when it starts to honor scientists on its currency.

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  9. Given that six-year old kids can recognize transitional fossils, and creationists can’t, Comfort’s description of evolution as a “fairy-tale for adults” is decidedly way off beam, to state the bleedin’ obvious.

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  10. Yes, Ray Comfort is an asshole – and I bet that is not his real name,


  11. Forgive me, Spartan Atheist, for I have sinned.

    I posted over at John Branyan’s blogsite, just to elicit some responses. There’s some nitwit called Mrs McMommy over there who keeps trying to butt in with inane challenges.

    I wasn’t particularly rude to them, or anything, but it didn’t take long to raise their hackles.

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    1. Lol! I forgive you for your transgressions, my son, and encourage further deconstruction of their nitwit beliefs!

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      1. Oh, and I think our good friend Randy Epps might be posting over there, too.

        It’s nice to know Randy has found a group that will have him. That frees up some of the traffic ’round here. Maybe I can be just as much of a pain in the ass to them as Randy was to this site?

        I’ll give it a shot.

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    2. @ChrisS they just gave you your official baptism 😂 😂 😂

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      1. Touchy, aren’t they? Didn’t take long to set them off.

        I guess I should have made it a bit clearer: I wasn’t attacking Americans so much, more their zealousness when it comes to fundy beliefs and politics. I like Americans, but what’s with fundies insulting and name-calling anyone who takes issue with them? Branyan just calls everyone a moron if they don’t think the way he does.

        He’s Mr. Comedy, but if you turn his tactics against him, boy, does he show his true, nasty colors!

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  12. These other so called Christians who spread the same stupidity as Comfort and Branyan are also very concerning. I have recently been banned from Mel Wild’s site, not because I was foul toward him but simply because this man choked on his bullshit and could not admit he was wrong.

    All this Christian stuff is really a front, it means nothing to many of these big headed bloggers, they are so stuffed full of pride and self-righteousness that when they find they are wrong, and they cannot inflate their own ego’s anymore because they have no real answers or lies they regulate, ban and delete.

    I have begun to understand this false Christian buffoonery the more I have blogged them and I can easily see why and how religious denominations have covered up the paedophile breeding grounds they have administered for hundreds of years.

    I would give up, but as long as they are going to deliver this crap to children and the world I will fight them every inch of the way. Thanks for reading my rant on these self-opinionated idiots.

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  13. It was a good rant, and it feels good to get it out of your system sometimes.

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    1. Nothing like trying to teach pure, unadulterated stupidity to piss me off.

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