In Memoriam

It’s almost memorial day.  As a combat veteran, I will most certainly be thinking of my fellow brothers-in-arms, and sometimes close friends, that are no longer with us due to combat action.  But here on my blog, I wish to remember that atheists are also being killed around the world just for not believing in the stupid-ass fairy tales of goat-herding, ignorant, tyrants.  We remember you:

  1. Taimoor Raza.  Death sentence for debating secular values.
  2. Ahmad Al-Shamri.  Death sentence (already carried out?) for making YouTube videos.
  3. Unnamed Saudi man.  10 years, 2,000 lashes for tweeting.
  4. Lauren Stewart.  Not an atheist, but an ex-Jehovah Witness that was shunned by her entire family and community after leaving the church.  She developed severe depression from the rejection, leading to a murder-suicide.
  5. Sherif Gaber.  Jailed for making YouTube videos.
  6. Asaduzzaman Noor. Arrested and faces 14 years for blogging and posting on YouTube.
  7. Viktor Krasnov. Russian man underwent multi-year trial for saying “God doesn’t exist.”  Some good news here, the charges were finally dropped.
  8. Various atheists. Murdered by religious extremists in Bangladesh for blogging.

In addition to remembering those killed or jailed for not believing in one particular thing, we also remember the thousands of atheists all over the country and world that have to hide their disbelief because of how society would shun them.  For the clergy members stuck not knowing how to get out of their jobs.  For the people going to church and inside their head screaming “bullshit!” but maintaining the front as to not upset their parents or even spouses.  For the couples that divorced because one of them was skeptical about the faith.  For those that lost their job, conveniently a short time after it was revealed that they were an atheist.

For all of you, we remember you and keep up the good fight.  We spread the word of accepting reality as it is, and not making up a comfort blanket to make ourselves feel good.  We expose the lies of religion.  We exploit the contradictions.  And we fight to keep religion out of power.

The Spartan Atheist


5 thoughts on “In Memoriam

  1. i>And we fight to keep religion out of power. — I tend to think this is the most difficult battle of all!

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  2. Which currently we are losing😢

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  3. It’s striking that most of these names indicate a Muslim background. A lot of the Islamic world is still in its Dark Age where religious attitudes are concerned. (Ironically, the Middle East was more advanced and tolerant during the 800-1100 CE period, while Europe was in the depths of the Dark Ages, though I would argue that this was more a revival of Hellenistic civilization than anything truly “Islamic”.) People from those cultures who do speak out against religion, like Ibn Warrâq and Ayaan Hirsi Ali, show a level of courage few of us could muster.

    That’s not to say people aren’t questioning. I’ve seen a survey that showed that 5% of people in Saudi Arabia self-identify as atheists, and in the Arab world as a whole I’d expect the figure to be at least as high. But for obvious reasons, people keep quiet about it.

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