Because god didn’t send them

My Grandma didn’t come out and say it, but I believe she was an atheist. I remember one day when I was 20 years old sitting at her table as I had for many years, talking like old friends. She was making me buttered toast, and I mentioned God and Jesus. I asked her if she believed in God, and she said, “I don’t know if I believe in God, B.” Coming from her like that pretty much meant she didn’t believe in him. She didn’t want to hurt my feelings as I believed in him at the time. She then said, “If there was a god, he is a cruel taskmaster.”

I can see why she would say that. She was dealt her fair share of mean nuns after her son died when he was a tot. Can you imagine a mother of six kids, and her youngest is in the hospital with some kind of “flu.” The doctors say to her and grandpa that they can’t stay overnight at the hospital and sends them away. As they exit the door, their son sits up in bed, waves and says “Goodbye mommy, goodbye daddy,” as if knowing his end. That night, he dies. Can you imagine a mother’s heart? The doctors didn’t even explain what was wrong with him. They didn’t “know” for sure. Can you imagine a mother sitting on the porch of her home in despair that her child is gone never to be seen again? Can you imagine one of her young daughters sitting on the porch with her, watching the effects of her mother’s silent grief… loud enough to feel? Finally her mother speaks, “I hear a whippoorwill. Do you hear the whippoorwill?” Minutes later, two nuns come to her porch door to visit her in her time of grief. They sit with her, she says nothing. They speak. In a snarky tone, “Get over it. You have five other children!” The love of a loving god. Grandma felt none. The pain of a mother grew ten times after “people of god” came to “minister” to her.

Leaders of churches that claim to be sent by god cause more pain than any other people I know. The same ones that say “we are the ones to show the love of god to all mankind so that they believe.” The reflection falls short. That is because a god didn’t send them. They are mere human, like the rest of us, not powered and generated by some powerful god, but by some fraction of their minds that think they feel and know god. Someone told them that god sends and gives authority to imperfect humans to go and do the work of a perfect god—to comfort the broken hearted or whatever else they are supposed to be sent to do. Depends on the day I guess, or what god said to them in prayer to go out to do. It is a faulty system that leaves people more broken, desperate, sad and lonely, causing more harm.

I’ve dealt with my share of these minstrels of pompous processions of their own imaginations in my 20’s into my 30’s. I’ve seen the harm they’ve caused…

I’ve seen cancer patients come to revival services and go up to be prayed for, because they were “promised” a healing.  They go up front, people lay hands on them, pray for an hour as they scream or speak gibberish to “god” (speaking in tongues.)  I watched one of these women as she sat back down only to still feel the pain of cancer continue as other people are jumping “joyously” all over the place getting “filled with the holy ghost.” Another person yelled that he was healed of back pain, while she remained seated and sad in the pew. The “healed” person is given the microphone and is yelling he is healed!  She got up and left the sanctuary in pain and confusion as the minister yells something about needing to have enough faith in order to be healed by god!

This is the religious extremist’s favorite past time! They love sick people.  It gives them something to do!

So let us say that the sick person comes back to have a meeting with the minister on a different day to get some answers.  Maybe they didn’t believe or pray enough, so the minister tells this person to get up at five in the morning because that is the best time god can hear you. This person loses sleep, the sleep they need to give them some kind of strength during an illness. Then maybe the minister gives this person a Christian self help book about illness or something spiritual, you know, to increase faith. Then maybe god will heal you! Reads the said book, doesn’t get better. What good does reading a book do to get over an illness? None, doesn’t make any sense. Also, the “people sent from god” to help this person, might say, “Oh, maybe this is god’s will for you. Maybe he is testing you and your faith and allegiance to him…you know, like Job in the bible.” Or, “He is making you stronger through all of this, this is why he may be sending this illness to you.” What a waste of time.

All of these maybes and no real answers from these people; playing guessing games of what god could possibly be doing, and why he isn’t healing or answering prayers just like “god’s word” says! And get this, some ministers and churches don’t even believe in going to the doctor, so they indoctrinate and brainwash other people into foregoing all medical help. Some die with this fallacy. People “sent by god” are dangerous because god didn’t send them.




7 thoughts on “Because god didn’t send them

  1. The other side of this coin: you pray fervently for health, for healing, for a beloved family member, and they just continue to wither. The implication is, you didn’t pray hard enough. Your prayers were lacking in some way. You just don’t have the faith needed to help them recover…a nice way of saying, “if and when they die, slacker, it’s YOUR fault…”

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  2. The real tragedy is the way religion gets a Free Pass on so many issues, and has done throughout history.

    Sacrificing 10,000 prisoners of war to the god Quetzalcoatl is inhuman and barbaric, yet Luther laying down a tract condemning Jews is considered perfectly acceptable. Righteous even, thus helping cement antisemitism into much of human culture, simply because of the lie that they were ”Christ killers”.

    Refusing contraception and making its sale a criminal offence in some countries is okay and acceptable. As it is considered perfectly justifiable in some eyes to indirectly cause the death of goodness knows how many from HIV/AIDs by also condemning their use.

    And the list goes on and on …

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    1. Absolutely! Thanks for commenting.


  3. “Leaders of churches that claim to be sent by god cause more pain than any other people I know.” Yep. Absolutely true.

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  4. Great post and unfortunately my aunt whose burial is on thursday died for this same reason. She had cancer, go to the hospital she didn’t go because the church she goes believe that going to see the doctor is a sign that you lack faith in the power of god and now look what happened.

    What saddens me is that good and honest people fall prey to this scam


    1. Wow, that is very tragic. I’m sorry to hear.


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