Why am I blogging, and why am I talking about atheism?

Well, here it is.  I’m blogging.  Why in the hell am I blogging?  And why the hell am I talking about atheism?  I mean, this blog has the potential to piss people off.  And I’m not in the habit of just pissing people off for no reason.  And atheism, wow.  It’s totally possible that my blog could get 90% unfavorable reviews, just for the title alone.  Yeah, there are a few atheists out there on youtube and blogs that have managed to make a go at it, but I have a job.  And by that, I mean the kind of job where my paycheck depends on people getting along with me, and trusting me.  Just dropping the “A” word could make a dent in the check I use to support my family.

And blogging?  Who the hell cares what I have to say?  What makes me any different than any other blogger? In my life, there are two people that I consider friends that have written books about their life and experience, and honestly they had nothing interesting to say that hadn’t already been said.  So I told myself that unless I had something new to add to the conversation, there’s no point in writing a book.  I’m not the only person in the world that had experiences like mine.  I mean, it would be arrogant of me to assume that my experience or training or knowledge somehow needs to be added to the body of literature, because somehow the world is just missing MY story.  Since my story isn’t unique, I could literally just cut and paste anything any of the other atheist bloggers have to say.  After all, I agree with them, right?

Well, wrong.  And here’s what I’ve come to terms with.  1) I enjoy telling my story.  And I enjoy examining arguments and debating them.  2) A blog isn’t a book.  I may or may not be adding to the body of knowledge (probably not), but I’m telling my story, in my words, in a way that’s different from everyone else.  So maybe my way is the way that will resonate with someone that wasn’t previously moved by an argument.  3) I am pissed off that just because I don’t believe in some silly fairy tale, I am not free to discuss it in certain circles.  As I mentioned before, my paycheck could diminish based solely on another person not trusting me.  And since atheists are trusted even less than radical fundamentalists in this country (the people that kill people), it is in my best interest to shut up and pretend I’m someone I’m not.  This is stupid.  If I show a little hesitation in believing that a $34 bottle of water with a drop of cucumber in it heals cancer, I’m given a pass.  But if I hesitate to believe that an all-powerful creator of the universe made billions and billions of galaxies with billions and billions of stars, just to keep tabs on what we do while naked, suddenly I’m not only not to be trusted, but probably required to be avoided.

So I’m writing this blog not to further the knowledge of the human condition, but to add to the body of writing on the existing human condition. I’m here.  We are here.  And our numbers are increasing every day.  Churches aren’t going into panic mode because things are going great, they’re going full panic because they are worried.

Educated children that think for themselves are a threat to the church, so they are waging war on education.  The history of religion in government and politics is horrible and disgusting, so they are waging war on history.  The method of science rolls back the need for gods one “miracle” at a time, so they are waging a war on science.  At every step, the secular values and discoveries are winning the war of knowledge, so knowledge itself has become the enemy.  And I refuse to be complacently counted with the enemies of education, history, science, and knowledge.  No, I stand proudly in defense of these values, and want the world to know it.

So yes, I’m going to blog about atheism.  And I hope that this blog is read by many people all over the world.  If you have been raised religiously, but you’re just not quite buying the bullshit, I welcome you.  If you are deeply religious and found this page, I welcome you.  If you agree with me completely, I welcome you and encourage you to find your voice as well. With knowledge, understanding, and compassion, our voices of reason will replace the voices of superstition and gullibility.


The Spartan Atheist



2 thoughts on “Why am I blogging, and why am I talking about atheism?

  1. I love your blog so far! Very insightful articles! I tried starting a blog called The Virtuous Atheist, https://thevirtuousatheist.wordpress.com/ but haven’t kept it up. I too am secular and have a lot to say though about atheism, ethics and belief. Please keep it going! Religion fascinates me from a scholarly perspective, as I also love history and how religion was so ingrained into daily life. I’m glad though, I feel being secular is liberating for me personally, I’m not bogged down with baggage of thorny questions and loyalty to dubious claims I’m staking my life on. I can be free to go wherever science and history leads me 🙂

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    1. It is a pretty freeing concept. Thanks much!

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